Benefits of Family Counseling Essay

This is a very arguable statement, and there are many reasons for it to be. I believe that the reasons for family counseling completely out weight the reasons why some families shouldn’t participate in it. Family counseling is often looked at as a tool to help families with problems, but counseling can be helpful to everyone. Counselors try to help with all scenarios of life, work, school, friends, etc.

Even if you are a pretty balanced person you can still get tips from a professional, whether your family has been through a major turmoil, or could simply gain from refining their communication skills with each other.

Counseling can be a way to help everyone in a family. Therapy for children as well as parents can help reduce all types of stresses for everyone involved. Major abuses, little arguments, as well as general venting can all be addressed in a calmer, quieter atmosphere.

These are just a few reasons why every family should attend counseling.

By attending counseling it can help children learn how to deal with tough situations, strengthen communication, and overcome differences. We all have to face obstacles in our lives and some of them can be pretty tough. To teach children, through adolescence to adulthood, skills to deal with tough situations could mean the difference and difficulties in how many college graduates there are, how many overcome poverty, and how families are in a secure loving environment.

Teaching youth to face their difficulties instead of running or quitting is highly important, and should be one of the emphasized parts of school. In our society many people think that if things are hard for them, obviously it is not something that they should be doing. I think that with the guidance and some positive reinforcement that people can learn to overcome their difficulties. Being in a new situation or learning new skills is hard and everyone struggles. Because we allow teens to quit, many young adults decide not to attend college.

They often feel that since they didn’t do well in high school college would be too difficult. With parents and a professional both helping kids to overcome difficulties at an early age it will instill within them that obstacles are just a part of life that they have to overcome; quitting is not an option. Many times kids learn how to deal with differences from their parents or other people around them. A lot of parents yell and show anger when they are mad at their spouse or their boss, or even their children. Cartoons normally deal with problems through violence and teachers even yell at kids.

All of this teaches children that it is okay to act with anger and violence, and that these are solutions to their problems. Then parents get mad at them for mimicking them and their environment, and then what happens? Most of the time parents show more anger, yelling, and sometimes use violence to correct them. With all of this, I believe that it’d be nice to have a professional help parents in order to teach them the proper way of disciplining without aggression, and to help children learn the right way of solving their everyday problems.

Communication and discipline problems between parents and children are very common and can lead to marital problems as well. Divorce and the creation of stepfamilies also create difficulties. Often, the partners themselves are the problem because of poor communication, continuous conflict, sexual problems or even in-law problems. If a low income mother and child had counseling how do you think it would affect them? I think that not only would the child benefit from it, but it may even teach the mother what is possible for her: a better job, how to find a stronger more secure relationship, and how to teach her child.

The child would learn skills, and by doing so, set goals for future achievements. With the help of a counselor and a well taught mother, the probability of the child may doing crime, selling or using drugs, participating in a gang, or living in prison, is significantly lower. Strengthening communication skills is also important, often time teens can be to out spoken and not think before they say something that can hurt someone feelings. Other times teens can be really shy and not open up to anyone. Communication skills are fundamental, and should be worked on.

Communication is a skill that will have to be worked on throughout life because in different environments different communication skills will be needed. The biggest negative about family counseling is the cost. There would probably be families or certain people in the family that did not contribute in the experience, which means that the counseling would have little or no effect on their lives. Another downside is that it is possible in the environment to focus on one person and blame them for certain family problems. I am sure that there are other negatives about family counseling but in my opinion nothing really significant.

I think that the government can use add to schooling tax dollars and use some of it for this program. Regardless if all families and all family members use the program to benefit, I think many people Family counseling relates to the narratives in many ways. Some of the families experience a death, others have parents get divorced, or teens getting pregnant and having a baby. I think counseling could help with these major emotional distresses, and also help with the everyday problems that some of the other narratives experience as well.

The narrative represent just a few people in our society, but I believe that they, like most people, could use a little more guidance to stay on a stable, successful path with strong relationships and a positive knowing belief in themselves. I think this program should be financially supported from the government. It should become a law in which I think will ultimately preserve our rights and freewill. Laws are being passed all the time that conflict with our constitution and with crime and fear spreading epidemically it’s just a matter of time before most citizens will give the government complete control in order to stop the chaos.

The foundation of this country is crumbling and I think it is time to reinforce it, so that we can continue to follow the path of our dreams, and not fall like every great kingdom in the past. I believe to stay as a free country, and a prosperous nation thing have to change, in fact many things will probably have to change. I think my idea of a professional guiding both, parents to raise their kids and to help lead kids to overcome difficulties is a good starting place for a significant change in this country.

I think that counseling could help with every family, even if it is just to bring them closer together. Whether it is a stable family, or a family with stepparents and stepsiblings, that need to learn that these people are now someone that is going to always be around, and are in the same situation. They can learn from one another and become close like real family. From family counseling our society maybe better educated, more responsible, less violent, more dependable, and have a stronger sense of belonging.

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