Basic Prerequisite Skills for the Global Workplace Essay

Outline some of the main issues facing higher education in the 21st century. To what extent is higher education an effective means of both obtaining employment and learning the basic prerequisite skills for the global workplace? Higher Education is one of the most important phenomenons in the 21st century. It is undergoing some major transformations and developments which are mainly effected by Globalization. Such as, international education, global capitalism, spread of culture and media, trade and work.

Thus, it’s crucial to interpret the term of Globalization, which becomes a major backdrop of other phenomenon, including high education.

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Basic Prerequisite Skills for the Global Workplace Essay
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Certainly, higher education provides prerequisite skills and higher life opportunities to people. However, the education system today is facing some challenges. There is over-education and over- supply of educational institution and the change of the global labour market. Higher education provides more chances for people to obtaining jobs. People who graduated from university are highly employable due to their wealth knowledge, creativity and ability of solving problems.

According to the research of Yue et al. (2004) ‘The level of education level has a significantly positive impact on successful job seeking. The higher the education level, the greater the probability of success. ’ Which indicated that higher education make a positive effective to people in job seeking as well as working in a favorable position. The reputation of the higher education institution also has a significant and positive impact on employment. Graduates from key universities have greater employment probabilities than their counterparts from ordinary universities.

The employment rate of graduates of public institutions is significantly higher than for private institutions. (Li, 2008, p8) Moreover, a good paper qualification helps you attract the attention of the boss. Employers are preferred to hire a more promising candidate with a better degree than someone who’s just out of school, without a pretty diploma. Furthermore,people who studied in university can gain more information about potential employment from universities or collages have ?? apparent advantages both in employment probability and the starting salary. (Spence,1973;Stiglitz,1975).

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