Banana Heart Summer Essay

IV. Choose your favorite lines/quotations. Explain and justify.

* Floating faith made us brave, made us endure consequences. I love this line because it is true that faith made us brave. I have my own faith that truly makes me strong and continue my life even lots of consequences come. I know that having faith gives grace in your heart and soul that keeps you to fight.

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Banana Heart Summer Essay
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* The journey of life is not any easy.
Yeah, so true, that life is not any easy because we do not know what will come tomorrow or later.

There are lots of things that may happen. Good or bad we can never say. But if we have faith, life will be at ease and enjoyable enough. Your faith will guide you and gives you inspiration to continue your life no matter what problems come.

* Pride is a sin, dignity is salvation. I am my mother’s daughter. This one is kind of reflective one.

It makes me to realize something. I believe that this justifiable self-respect is a sin especially if you are hurting somebody in a simple or hard way. And this dignity or the honor that you keep will save you from your sin like pride. The last line saying, I am my mother’s daughter gives me joy that Nenita shows great love because she’s proud that she is a daughter of her mother no matter what people say and even if her mother expresses disappointment towards Nenita.

* “I’m afraid I could never find the balance between love and anger.” These two strong emotions are sometimes hard to control. I like this line because I can relate my own experience. Like being in love somehow gives happiness that can drive you crazy, do everything, sacrifices and all like. While being angry which I am scared of is really uncontrollable sometimes. It’s so confusing that you do not what will happen next if love and anger collides.

* It was just rain, just water. Without sweets or spices or condiments, without our expert or fumbling interventions to make it taste better, without our need to disguise its nature, but how we reveled in each drop. It explains the significance of water in our lives. I love these lines because it expresses simplicity likewise in having simple life. Being satisfied even if you only have enough.

* Sadly love is not just water; we do things to it.
I laughed in this line because as to compare love in water, it is really different. Unlike in having water in your hand is so easy to possess and have it forever in just for example buying it while in love you need to give attention and effort until the end just to save and nourish it.

* We understand that the devil and the angel were equal partners in the balance of the universe. I believe that there is devil and angel in this world. That is why there is good and bad, happy and sad, light and dark, love and hate. Sometimes we find our lives more meaningful if we realize that we do mistake and change it and be better next time.

* First love is too confusing.
As a saying, True love never die because this was the first time you fall in love to someone who you think is the best person ever that you want to be with forever and the last. It is true that first love is too confusing because it surely drives you crazy. Unstoppable care and worries at the same time.

* They say there is love at first sight between a mother and her firstborn. A great blessing it is to have a baby. The most awaited gift from God that a couple want and need to. Yes, I believe that there is love at first sight between the mother and her first baby simply because they are alike. Having this powerful feeling that you can only find, Love.

V. Think of the most appropriate sound track for Banana Heart Summer, state reason by giving ten lines or more from the song.

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