August Wilson “FENCES”

What role does money play in “Fences?” Do economics and industrialization provide avenues of freedom for the characters in the play? Examine this question in the light of any two characters’ lives in two different generations. Connect with at least one story or a poem in your textbook that relates to this topic.

Write a clear thesis paragraph (Your thesis needs to reflect the inquiry in your essay and be at least 4 sentences long).

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August Wilson “FENCES”
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Write clear topic sentences that relate to your thesis.

Do not retell the play. Make sure to make interpretation and analysis of characters and actions / dialogue the main task of your writing.

Include examples from the play and story / poem. Analyze them.

Bring in some reflection from critics on articles about the play. Find at least 2-3 articles on “Fences” in the NCC database. Look at the following databases: JSTOR; Literary Criticism; Literary Resource Center, Project Muse; Twayne Author Series; Films on Demand.

Databases: Go to Library homepage; click on Library, click on Databases, The databases are arranged in alphabetical order. Click on the relevant alphabet. For example, click on ‘L’ to fine Literary Resource Center, then in LRC, type in subject area: Fences or August Wilson and search through the articles. There are tools to email the articles to yourself or print them out. Read through a few articles and pick out ones that you think will help your argument. You can also find books of criticism on Wilson in the library.

Due dates: (each of these will be graded, so make sure to submit them on time).

3/23Works Cited page in MLA citation format; thesis statement; outline

3/26: at least first page and a half of the paper, using parenthetical citations of quotes, paraphrases and summaries.

4/13: Final documented paper: 4 complete pages, typed double space, with Works Cited page using MLA citation attached. The articles you list in Works Cited must appear in your paper. Attach as a Word doc. Don’t stick it in the Assignment box!

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