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Let’s be honest, the “art” side of marketing gets most of the press. Everybody likes to talk about that cool new ad they recently saw; however, this is not true when it comes to big data and the advanced analytics being used to evaluate marketing effectiveness and drive marketing planning. In other words, nobody is writing TV shows about a couple of quirky marketing data scientists.

So in this interactivity, we’re going to give marketing analytics its fifteen minutes of fame. Then, we want your take on whether marketing is more art or science and which side appeals more to you.

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Art Or Science Assignment | Homework Help Websites
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Art Or Science Assignment | Homework Help Websites 1

Guided Response:

Learn more about big data, marketing analytics, and successful integration

  • Read the Forbes article “Marketing Analytics Cheat Sheet for CEOs

Post to the forum below, answering the following questions:

    • Based on everything you’ve learned in this course thus far, do you think marketing is more art than science, or vice versa? Defend your point of view.
    • Does the art or science side of marketing appeal more to you? Why?

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