Appreciative Inquiry Interview Questions Essay

Before we start, I would like to explain a little bit about what we are going to do. This is going to be an “appreciative interview.” I am going to ask you questions about times when you see things working at their best where you work. The basis of this interview is to obtain knowledge, skill set, and technique for growth. This is a unique approach that comes from a book called “The Appreciative Inquiry”. The main concentration of this interview is to focus on what techniques and business practices made its success possible.

Rather than focusing on the negative like how it could be done better or different we will focus on the positive that made it happen. The knowledge gained from the interview will help give a more clear vision and thought process in deciphering what these positive attributes are. Success does not happen because of what they did wrong it is because of what they did right. The following interview questions will be conducted in order to obtain the above content:

1. Reflect on your success and where you are today. Is there one motto or quote that has stuck with you throughout you career journey that maybe is your driving force or even one that you continually practice and try to abide to?

2. First, I’d like to learn about your early days with Modtown Occupational

3. What attracted you to want to be associated with Modtown Occupational?

4. What amazed and thrilled you the most about the opportunity in your early days?

5. Now reflect on your career path from the time you joined to now. Tell me about a time that was a real high point, a time when you felt most effective and engaged. What made this situation possible? How did it feel? What made it feel this way?

6. Tell me about the things you value most deeply about yourself, your work and Modtown. What do you say your best qualities are as an individual? What do you feel are your best attributes to your company? What do you value the most about your Job? What do the value most about you?

7. What would you say is the single best contribution Modtown has had on your life?

8. Could you give an example or a story where you felt you or one of your team members went above and beyond for one of your clients? Could you also shed some light on Modtown’s business philosophy that sets you guys above your competitors? Is it all centered around a higher level of service and expertise’s?

9. You have been with the company for an amazing 10 years. Your dedication and commitment to this organization is clear to see. Obviously there are multiple motivational reasons for this, but if you could only name one what would it be?

10. Do you feel this motivator has been something you have felt throughout your career path and at other jobs or is it just specific to this organization? One motive that is evident is how much you value this organization and see potential for more growth what is going to be the core behind this happening?

11. In the conclusion and final question to reflect on. What values do you believe will inspire Modtown to continue to prosper and grow consistently or at a greater rate than it is now?

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