Anti-Winkle Cream Advertisments Are Deceptive Essay

Advertisements are a good way to get a psychological assessment of a culture’s attitutes and beliefs. Companies produce ads for products and services that there is an audience for. They persuade the public, or at least, a highly specialized portion of the public, to buy their product and subconsciously make the consumer feel they need what is being advertised. . The advertisement taking up two full pages in the February 2011 edition of The Oprah Magazine for L’Oreal Revita Lift Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair products features Andie MacDowell, a well-known 53 year old actress.

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Anti-Winkle Cream Advertisments Are Deceptive Essay
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The left page is her flawless face, framed by diamond earrings, smooth dark brown hair, and red blouse. The right page is filled with a black bar on the left side, featuring large red bottles of wrinkle cream and the product’s branding. The rest of the page is filled with a magnified close up of the actress’s perfect complexion, with a couple official looking statistics printed on her cheek, complete with footnotes.

American Society does not like to face their future of getting older and looking older. Beauty is everything to Americans.

The advertisement for L’Oreal Revita Lift Deep Set Wrinkle Repair products preys and expounds upon on the typical American woman’s fear of aging (Essay May) This advertisement reveals that old is bad, wrinkles are not sexy and this product is youth in a jar in a matter of weeks. Point 1- Fear of aging: – Image – Old is bad Women strive to stay youthful. The image of Andie MacDowell’s skin looks smooth and sleek. By placing the text on her flawless complexion, the viewer subconsciously sees her skin like a pure sheet of paper. The viewer instantly compares herself to this image and sees herself as adequate.

Point 2-Subliminal message: – Wrinkles are not sexy The color red on a symbolic level is associated with emotions of energy, desire and love. The product color red sends a message of sensuality. The ad contains statistical information in red. The specific color of red is incorporated with Andie MacDowell’s shirt. Point 3 – instant gratifications Women are easily targeted by advertisers. Women have a strong desire to be like everyone else. The ad implies clinical results in 8 weeks, to make it sound like it is less time than two months or 90 days. The consumer is persuaded by clinical statistics.

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