Anthology Poems Essay

It is just filled with 5 poetic lines which we had to either do a free verse poem, poems without rhyming or patterns and that don‘t follow any rules, or a blank verse which is a poem that uses no rhyming but has iambic pentameters (patterns). Or you can do a rhyme verse which is a poem that uses rhyming. My poem is blank verse because even though I have no rhyming I have a pattern. You see I repeat the word “reason” a few times and it follow a pattern.

Read ona The Room No matter how many times I tell him, He never cleans his room! On how dirty it is! His underwear is under the ____ Bed. His papers are on the __f_lo__o_r__.

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Anthology Poems Essay
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Last weeks sandwich is a M O L D Y Mess! Theirs something called “Clean up your room! ” I say to him everyday! At last I punished him with a ban on T.

V. That’s when the stink went away. Description This poem is a poem with a speaker. A speaker poem is a person that is talking in the poem. Sometimes the speaker can be the author itself talking in the poem. Other times it is a made up character. In this case, you can figure out that the speaker is the kids mother because she “banned him with no T. V. ” until his room is cleaned up. (Now mothers will do that, just ask my mother. ) Read ona My Cat My cat is dumb!

Let me tell you that! He’s the opposite of what a cat Should be! He hates mice, But loves dogs. He doesn’t like milk, But prefers meat. Now tell me, Is that how a cat should be? Description This poem by yours truly is a irony poem. Ever heard of that word? Irony in poetic terms means when a result of something is the complete opposite of what you would expect. For example, in my poem you wouldn’t expect a cat to be friends with dogs. I mean dogs and cats hate each other. Well at least that’s what we would expect. And for a cat to not like milk! Unbelievable, right? (Yea I know, I have a dumb cat. But it is ironic that my cat behaves the opposite of what cats should behave like. That is why this poem is a irony poem. Read ona I Love You Do you remember? All the fun times we had. Oh how you would laugh at my jokes. Oh I’d do anything To hear your lovely voice. Your voice makes me smile Even when I’m mad. So I wrote this poem, To tell you, That I love you! Description This poem is a theme poem. Yes you heard right. Theme. Theme is the main idea in a poem or the authors feelings/thoughts. In this poem the theme is love. This is easy to figure out because the poem just says right there that the person loves another person.

Some times these poems can be in a shape. Like my poem is shaped kind of like a heart and the theme of it is love. Isn’t it sweet? Read ona Just A Kiss Silence walks upon the stone halls. As you sleep for a hundred years. Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Visited you every year. Hoping to find you up and about. But just as they feared, Everything is weird- Sleeping Beauty has just premiered. But not before your sleep is evoked, Before you stands Charming himself. Thus, a kiss on the lips, Was all that was needed, To arouse you from your ancient sleep. Description This is another poem by me that is an allusion poem.

Allusion in poetry terms means when a poem makes a reference to another poem. For example in my poem Just A Kiss the allusion is Sleeping Beauty sleeping for a hundred years until Prince Charming came to wake her from her deep sleep. I am alluding the story of Sleeping Beauty to my poem. Read ona I Wish I wish to drift into the darkness. Into the shadows of death. Slowly my grip loosens. I am trapped in an avalanche. This pain-its too much! I’m like snow trapped in the suns rays. Slowly and silently, I’ll rise, From this nightmare. Description This poem is a chance poem.

Nothing big but we just had to pick 5 words from this list and use those words to make a poem. Read ona Moment Of Freedom The monsters in my head, They tell me I’m crazy. Maybe I am. These monsters, they yell and scream, Until I let them out. But they come back, they always do. These monsters they bring me crimson delight. Fresh crimson pleasure, trickling down my arm As the blade digs deeper, I find a moment of freedom. A moment where everything stops. Everything is peaceful. Everything is fine. But soon the monsters will come back. Then, no longer will I feel the pain. No longer will I feel crimson joy. Everything will be back to normal,

With the monsters screaming, Until I let them out again. Description This poem is a poem with figurative language poem. Figurative language is a term in poetry when you compare two unlike things to make something clear. For example if I say the soap bubbles in the bath tub are like clouds in the sky, I am comparing the soap bubbles to the clouds, but the soap bubbles aren’t really clouds, right? In this poem I am comparing the suicide thoughts of the speaker to monsters. Read ona Nothing But The Best You’re my summer sun, And I’m your winter wind. No matter what mistakes I make, All the times I’ve yelled at you, You’re always there.

Even when I’m fierce like the winter wind; Howling all the time, My nerves are calmed by your sunshine smile. You’re a treasure chest, Full of priceless gems. To me you’re nothing but the best. Description This poem is a poem of assonance/alliteration. Assonance is when you use repetition of the sound of a vowel. I don’t think I have tat but I do have alliteration. Alliteration is the repetition of 2 or more words that end with the same sound or start with the same letter. For example in the poem I said “winter wind” both words have a “w” in the beginning. I also used “sunshine smile” which has a “s” in the beginning of each word.

This is how my poem uses assonance/alliteration. Read ona The Monster Mama always said she loved me. But then why do I cry every time she came home? Why do I hide under the bed, Praying she didn’t come looking for me? Before daddy left, She told me I was her sweet little angel. So why does she tell me that she hates me? Why is it the she says I’m a nuisance? What did I do, To get black and blue, Bruises all over my body. Mama always told me, That the monster always haunts kids, Who lie and cheat and hit people. Then why did she lie to me when she told me, That daddy ran away, When she kicked him out of the house?

And why did she cheat on daddy before he Went to another place? And why does she hit me with her whiskey bottle? Why does she love to see me cry When the glass cuts my skin? Mama knew what she did to me, But what she didn’t know was that the monster was, The only one that said it loved me. Description This poem is a poem on symbolism. Symbolism is the idea or topic of the poem. For example, the night is a symbol of death. Or in the poem I made the monster symbolizes the thoughts one would have after abuse. Read ona The End My past is finished, It’s all filled with pain. My past is killing me, ‘Cause I’m trapped in this lane.

My mind is at war with me, I can’t control the thoughts deep inside me. I’m bent out of shape with all this pain, I think it’s time I’ve played life’s game. Before it’s time I ask myself, ‘Is this the end? Will there ever be a tomorrow? ’ Almost turning away, I turn right back, I decide there is nothing more for me, Only the end can set me… Free… Description This last poem is a free verse poem. Like I explained in the other poem called “Reason” I said that free verse poems are poems without rhyming or patterns and that don‘t follow any rules. And just like in this poem I did not follow any patterns. aSTOP? *NO MORE POEMS*

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