Antebellum America Essay

Regions are specializing The period of time in America before the civil war proved to bring out the specialties in each region. The West brought America true farming and allowed livestock to succeed. The eastern part of America prevailed in industrialization, creating many cities and businesses. The southern part of the United States was the dominated by slavery, plantains, and growing cotton. America had many skills but these talents were not mixed well, and each region had its very own specialty.

The west began expanding at an extremely fast rate, and the best use for the land as to provide food for America.

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Antebellum America Essay
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Livestock began to take over the West, and helped providing America with many animals. The west looked to provide for America by growing plants, due to the very fertile soil. The west quickly became known as the nation’s “breadbasket”. The sold animals and crops to America, and this westward expansion developed a talent that America craved. The west played a role in the antebellum period of America, but didn’t nearly touch the relationship issues between the east and south.

The northeastern states of America were advancing in their talent of industry.

Textile mills flourished and business became widely known in the east of the Unites States. The east contained eighty-one percent of America’s industrial capacity, and this specialization of industry continued in antebellum America. The big industry, business, and many opportunities brought many people to the north east. As a result, many families and people came to start a business of their own. The northeast gained many supporters due to its business attraction, an important factor in the nearby Civil War. This industry sparked a talent in America that only the east could accomplish.

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