Anime vs Cartoons Essay

A conversation like this often occurs in conversations between teenagers and adults. Although both Cartoons and Anime are caricatures that may be animated, they differ in visual characteristics and topics/themes. In terms of visual characteristics, Anime is obviously closer to reality than Cartoons. Anime characters have distinct facial expressions and a wide variation of physical characteristics.

They depict the tone, energy, and movement of a real human being. Cartoons, however, have features that are not relative to the rest of the body.

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Anime vs Cartoons Essay
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Unlike Anime, Cartoon characters tend to represent almost anything, inanimate objects or animals, making its idea further from reality. Anime topics and themes concentrate mostly in life issues or things tied closer to human emotions. Japanese animators tend to add the sense of realism in Anime.

This is done by animating how water flows, how fire burns wood, and how tears manage to fall from someone’s eyes. These characteristics are what make Anime much appealing to most audiences.

On the other hand, Cartoons are generally made to make people laugh, that’s why most cartoon characters are somewhat disproportional, colorful, and comical. Cartoon character traits are far from reality. They are works of imagination which are humorous. However, Cartoons lack the sense of realism.

For example, when a Cartoon character cries, it isn’t that effective to audiences because of the way the tears are coming from the character’s eyes. Furthermore, whatever emotion should you try to incorporate with a Cartoon character, it will still be funny. As an overall evaluation, Anime could be much better than Cartoons since it can incorporate different human movements and emotions. Unlike Cartoons, Anime’s aim isn’t just to induce laughter, but also to depict true human nature, feelings, and emotions.

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