An Early Marriage Essay

An early marriage, is an issue where argued by many now a days. Some people are advocated for early marriage because it is healthy. Prophet Mohammed said that it is better to marry early, but if you can’t then you should fast instead if you still can’t control your desire. I believe that early marriage had a lot of advantages. But people would argue that younger married couples are not matured enough to take the responsibilities.

But this is not a big issue to argue for, since a most succeeded marriages in the past 10 years are a younger married which lasted longer.

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An Early Marriage Essay
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Personally, any person should have a step to marry early. People says , married earlier is the best way to destroy your life in such a young age besides drugs. Young people are not ready for responsibilities. They have not done any thing important in their life. But , I believe if people waited until they were older to marry they’d be a lot more careful about selecting a mate.

That would be a terrible blow to the divorce industry. Although divorces didn’t depend on the age of the couples. It depends on how they faced and solved their problems. Moreover, I would say that it would be nice to have your children younger, and will be able to join them in many things, be closer to understanding their generational viewpoints, fashion, trends, etc. When your children have your grandchildren, you will be young grandparents able to enjoy your grandchildren, do more things with them, live longer to see them prosper as well.

The nice thing is that once your children leave home, you will be still young enough and most likely healthy enough to do more things such as travel, or physical activity. Others says , that many females refuse to live with in lows , so as a consequences males most ready to assist their own financial situations first before they getting married, which may cause to delay marriage . Well, it is all about whether they want to get married and your partner is supportive or not.

It is about maturity levels, how much they care for each other and how much they want the marriage to work. You have those marriages which do turn out to work. These marriages seem to work because the couple has worked things out and have thought out every way possible to keep this marriage going and will work out the problems that come their way. If the couple is prepared, most likely the marriage will continue to go strong it both spouses take an equal part of the marriage and work it out.

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