Ambulatory Care Essay

Ambulatory health care has definitely been a type of health care that has benefited a lot of Americans since it became of existence. There are several health care clinics available in every city that helps the people on a daily basis. Its not as costly as the ER and you can receive just about the same kind of service as if your were going to the Hospital just in a faster time in some cases.

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Ambulatory Care Essay
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There is a need to sometimes get further assistance, meaning that the particular outpatient service was not able to assist the patient fully and needs some additional help in diagnosing the problem.

A visit to the doctors office provides someone with a sense of calmness to be able to have a one on one relationship with their private doctor, as opposed to going to the a large place like the hospital to see a doctor, any doctor at that.

When I think of Ambulatory care I think of a one and done type of scenario, in some cases. The patient is able to see the doctor get a diagnosis and prescription at one time, without the need of visiting several doctors. In most cases, now there are times when the patient would need to visit different specialists for their care. With the upbringing of ambulatory care systems, there is a less need for someone to have to be in the ER waiting for hours unless it is a real emergency and the regular office is closed.

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