Alternative Medicine and Unit Learning Outcome Essay

It is important to have a holistic approach to managing pain and discomfort by looking at the situation as a whole. Not just the physical side but also the mental, emotional, spiritual and social needs. Conventional medicine, alternative and complementary therapies can be used as options to relieve pain and other symptoms if desired. The care plan has been made with information which supports their lifestyle and culture. The purpose is to bring comfort, dignity and peace to the clients as well as support to their family members.


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Alternative Medicine and Unit Learning Outcome Essay
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2Describe different approaches to alleviate pain and minimise discomfort Answer Use drugs such as paracetamol, morphine, and ibuprofen. Use physical methods like hot water bottle, massage, cooling with ice, repositioning. Exercise methods such as walking around or taking other exercises, having a chat or doing something else to distract from pain. Alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, homeopathic medicine, reflexology, acupuncture, yoga – these therapies should be used only where care professional agrees with the beneficial effects.

11. 3Outline agreed ways of working that relate to man-aging pain and discomfort Answer Before using any of the methods to manage pain, the client needs to be assessed, as every kind of pain relief can be harmful, care plan and policies and procedures always have to be followed and necessary precautions have to be taken. 22. 1Describe how pain and discomfort may affect an individual’s wellbeing and communication Answer 22. 2Encourage an individual to express feelings of dis-comfort or pain Answer 22.

3Encourage an individual to use self-help methods of pain control Answer 22. 4Assist an individual to be positioned safely and com-fortably Answer 22. 5Carry out agreed measures to alleviate pain and discomfort Answer 33. 1Carry out required monitoring activities relating to management of an individual’s pain or discomfort Answer 33. 2Complete records in required ways Answer 33. 3Report findings and concerns as required Answer The above is an accurate record of the questioning. Learner signature:Date: Assessor signature:Date:

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