Accept and Parents Essay

Explain what is meant by partnership model of working with careers: A partnership model works around the theory of collaboration, coming together with understanding and effectives ways of communicating. It’s a way that helps to recognise how the very best outcomes can happen for children when their care, development and learning provision ie. a setting, a home, individuals and groups/family all work cooperatively. Give one example and then evaluate how your work in the setting reflects the need to work in partnership with parents or careers Cypop 1:5.

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Accept and Parents Essay
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Learning journeys are given to parents every six weeks, it gives the parents an in-depth account of the child’s, work, activity’s, development stage and interests, it shows pictures and examples of work. This reflects the partnership with parents. What reasons might parents and carers have for not working in partnership with the early years setting: There could be a range of reasons why parents and carers have for not working in partnership with the early years setting such as; fear of communicating, a lack of time due to a job, personal reason e.

g. bereavement or divorce, knowing the teacher outside of school. How might these barriers to participate be overcome: These barriers could be overcome by positive communication- a parent to teacher conference, gain there confidence and trust by spending time with them, make time for working parents, time that suits them- home visits, meet their additional needs. Some parents may react negatively to partnership opportunities. What strategies could you use to encourage and support them In this area?

It’s important to understand that not all parents wish to take part with working in partnership and some parents may react in a negative manner but by not putting any pressure on them it may result in them having a more positive attitude. Some carers may find it difficult to accept their child needs assessments to identify possible learning difficulties this can be helped with being sensitive and listening to any concerns the parent may have and offering lots of support and information and give plenty of time for discussions, explain that they will be informed about any changes and that their child will not be singled out.

If parents/carers are still not happy get SENCO to offer advice and also the head teacher to offer support to the parents and staff. Parents tend to accept it more if it’s about their child’s learning but find it more difficult to accept if it’s about their child’s behaviour. It’s important to listen to what the carers and the child are saying and trying your best to explain it’s in the best interest of the child giving lots of advice and answering any questions they may.

Explain that by getting outside agencies in they too can give advice to staff and parents in the best ways to deal with the situation in order for their child to reach their full potential, and hold meetings in school if its more convenient for the parents/carers. Some parents or careers are very keen to take advantage of partnership opportunities how could you ensure that they remain positive about this? Don’t turn people away: try to accommodate what’s being offered.

If it seems difficult work out what your restrictions are, the benefits of the offer and how a solution can be organised. Type of events ; requesting input: how do you know what parents want to be involved with? eg. their child/ren’s development, health, well-being, fundraising, resource suggestion, skill provision, learning activities. Methods of contact: do you overcome communication barriers and fit means of contact to suit a parent/carer: email, txt, large print, audio, send newsletters, post events on a website, have access to resources written/signed for additional language needs.

Request feedback: how do you engage thoughts and feelings on things about to happen, that have happened, plans for the future. Explain the primary importance of carers in the lives of babies and young children Cypop1:5,1-They know their child the best, they know their likes and dislikes as well as their needs. They see them at night time and evening. Parents are the nurturers and should love and care for their children

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