A Touch of Frost Essay

The first scene we see is of a boy (Billy) walking through the woods at night dusting of his knees. He is very well lit and has a mischievous look on his face also his face is cut. He looks surprised and panicked when the police shout at him and chase after him, once the police have taken him down we get a close up of Billy’s face it’s not until then we realise that the Billy is down syndrome and we begin to feel guilty when he shouts ‘I haven’t done anything wrong ‘we begin to wonder how has Billy done anything wrong when he is a innocent disabled person.

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A Touch of Frost Essay
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The next scene we go to is a shot of Frost and Billy’s father in the corner of a dark room the camera shot used is a high angled shot looking down at the characters this is used to look like the camera is intruding or being nosey.

Frost later uses some discriminative/offensive language and calls Billy ‘Mentally subnormal’ Billy’s father corrects him and calls him ‘Handicapped’ Frost discusses that he will have to have someone with him when he questions Billy in case he breaks any of the rules this is discriminative as it means Billy is different and has to have different measures in place for Frost to be able to interview him.

The next scene we see is when Frost is interviewing Billy the scene is set in what seems to be a quite dark living room with a wall lamp on which creates a fading light over the set. We see another close up of Billy’s cut up face then there are a series of back and forth shots to give the effect of conversation between Billy and Frost. Frost is very intimidating towards Billy who’s seems paranoid when talking to Frost, we feel sorry for Billy in this scene as Frost makes it very obvious that Billy is responsible for the missing of his friend Trisha.

There are a lot of camera shots over Frost’s shoulder aiming downwards towards Billy’s face this is to make Billy seem intimidated and belittled. Frost speaks in a very patronising tone towards Billy as he starts to become very hesitant with his answers Billy’s Dad is in the background of the shot this is to make it look like Billy’s Dad is looking after, supporting and protecting Billy.

We are left on a cliff-hanger as we do not get to find if Billy did commit a crime this could make some people feel quite affectionate or sorry towards Billy because of his disability others could take an opposite view on it and they could think that Billy was quite perceiving and cunning and that he shouldn’t be treated or thought of any differently from the rest of us just because he has a disability

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