A Man Named Dave Essay

A Man Named Dave, by Dave Pelzer is the story of hope and eventual love and how a child called “It” finally found himself as a man free at last, after early childhood experiences as the son of a brutal, alcoholic mother. When his father is dying of cancer, Dave attempts to reestablish contact with him, he spends innumerable hours with his father, trying to disentangle in his mind the broken family relationships. Much later, after his mother’s death, Dave realizes that his mother’s maniac actions were picked up from her own childhood experiences.

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A Man Named Dave Essay
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Having rushed into marriage Dave enjoys the son that was born, and is determined that his child will never know the disapproval he felt as the child called “It. ” I find Dave Pel . . . zer admirable because he demonstrates remarkable qualities, such as independence, determination, and courage- quality’s I would like to strengthen in myself. After a horrible childhood, he strives for the best he can do all by himself, not depending on others to help him.

One day you’ll see, I’m going to make something of myself. He becomes an in-flight fueling technician for the Air Force, a highly regarded job.

Dave has displayed a lot of courage, being fearless and brave, in his trilogy; courage to survive, courage to make it on his own and various others. With his determination to succeed from his setbacks, and gain power from his calamity’s Dave is the man he is today. Independence means to me being able to make it on your own, and not having to depend on others. Another display of his independence (is his desire to be standing on his own two feet) when he gave to his mother his statement to be independent “All those years you tried your best to break me, and I’m still here.

Another is being able to go back to his father who deserted him when Dave needed his father most. His courage to be able to deal with his past, and start a new life is one good example of his courage. Dave’s father didn’t protect Dave from his mother. But his wonderful trait of determination, which is never giving up and going for your goals and not quitting until you’ve achieved it, pulls him past these obstacles in his journey for recognition. Dave Pelzer strongly demonstrates independence in A Man Named Dave, and his life. Dave demonstrates independence by being capable of starting over a new life on his own.

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