A Good Manager Essay

Managers can use humor and give their employees small tokens of appreciation for work well done. Also, when leaders themselves are in good moods, group members are more positive, and as a result they cooperate more. 127 Finally, selecting positive team members can have a contagion effect because positive moods transmit from team member to team member CASES Emotions and positive moods appear to facilitate effective decision making and creativity. Recent research suggests mood is linked to motivation, especially through feedback.

Leaders rely on emotions to increase their effectiveness.

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A Good Manager Essay
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The display of emotions is important to social behavior like negotiation and customer service. The experience of emotions is closely linked to Job attitudes and behaviors that follow from attitudes, such as deviant workplace behavior. Our final managerial implication is a question: can managers control colleagues’ and employees’ emotions and moods? Certainly there are limits, practical and ethical. Emotions and moods are a natural part of an individual’s makeup.

Where managers err is in ignoring co-workers’ and employees’ emotions and assessing others’ behavior as if it were completely rational.

As one consultant aptly put it, muff can’t divorce emotions from the workplace because you can’t divorce emotions from people. ” 129 Managers who understand the role of emotions and moods will significantly improve their ability to explain and predict their co-workers’ and employees’ behavior. 1 . The first reason can be the diversity of people because not everybody has the same action and reaction; there are different kind of people who have different emotion and feelings.

It will become harder to manage employees when the organization becomes bigger. In addition to these, as mentioned in the case the way of acting people’s business culture and etiquette sometimes can create ineffective managing environment. Applying wrongful behaviors like shouting when somebody did wrong work is the indicator of the poor managing. I think the emotions or reactions of people are related with their psychology but not their education level. A Good Manager By Miramar

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