5 Star Doctor Essay

First a good doctor should be knowledgeable and should always keep abreast of development in her field of expertise. She should be a skillful diagnostician. A good doctor should neither under prescribe or over prescribe medication to her patient as to make her own profit. Second, a good doctor should has high Emotional Quotient or EQ. That’s mean to be a doctor who had warmer personality, be a better listener and communicator beside emphathetic in communication patterns to restore a level of calm and confidence to the patient and make them feel that the doctor is for them.

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5 Star Doctor Essay
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Third, a good doctor should also be a good philosopher. This means that, the doctor should treat the patients in a holistic way. The holistic way of treating patient is by treat the patient as a whole person instead just physical symptoms which is to counsel the patient on their diet, excersice and stress management instead of just give the patient their medicine.

Fourth, a good doctor should able to be a person who is clear and logical in thinking, work with sincere heart, have skilled with hands for the surgery and easy to reach in case of emergency.

The doctor would be humble and confident enough to collaborate with other doctors or senior doctors in medical community to tackle an illness which she is not uncertain about, in order to offer the best practices in management and treatment to the patients. Fifth, a good doctor should need the Five – Star doctor qualities. Which are, improves the quality of care by responding to the patients’ total health needs with integrated preventive, curative and rehabilitatve services while considering the patients as an integral part of a family and community.

Next is to make optimal use of new but cost- effective technologies, bearing in mind ethical and finacial consideratons and the ultimate benefits as well as costs to the patient and society. The doctor also promotes healthy life styles by effectively communicating with individuals and groups and empowering their own health protection and well- being. The Five-Star Doctor should reconciles individual and community health requirements, stiking a balance between patients’ expectations and those society at large.

Beside that, the doctor is able to work and fuction efficiently and effectively in teams, both within and across the health sector and other socio- economic sectors influencing health. Another qualities a good doctor should has are sincere, dedicated, and courteous. He is able to complement his medical knowledge and clinical judgement with humanistic qualities of integrity, respect and compassion asn sees the patients as fellow human beings and not as a case with an illness.

A Five- Star Doctor is one who not only demonstrate professional competence but also one who manifest personal qualities of patient, maturity and confident beside listen tentively to the patient to the patients complains and try to answer all their questions to the best of his knowledge. Sensitive to patient special needs, particularly their emotional needs and general well being. Avoids robotic prescription and drugs but rather, help the patients by identify the underlying couses of their promblems.

Last but not least, a good doctor will treasure the relationship with the patients based upon mutual respect and open communication. The conclusions are as a medical doctor I need the learning skills and clinical skills to be a good and a Five – Star doctor. Beside that, I also need to have high EQ or emotional qualities to gain the trust from my patients and colleagues. This is important because without them who am I? Thats all from me thank you.

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