You Are What You Eat Essay

Food has been a hot topic and important during everyone’s life. Everyone wants to have the healthy food during their daily life, but it is hard to follow because their lives are too busy. The article which named “Divided We Eat” was shared some experiences from others’ and authors’. And also it talked about how does food insecure affect people’s daily life. Through the article, it reflected that nowadays, people are more likely to choice their daily meal as healthy and better as possible.

Some people who have the better economic supports would like to have a great breakfast in the morning, even for whole day.

Usually they preferred to choose everything special and have their own style. In some way, they may think that is a kind of healthy symbolic of their lives. Different people have different opinions of food choosing. The haves have more special food qualification needs than the have-nots. For example, the Haves would like to buy everything organic, imported, and natural.

And usually they would spend more money on food. The people who do not have that much money and want to save money, they usually have less special requirements on food and they just buy the normal cheap food.

Actually, no matter which types of food people chose, the authors searched a lot of authority data and gave out a strong statement which showed that food insecure is still a big problem cross everyone’s daily today. Also, the article provided that Americans did not have a good dietary and meal time than other countries which can also affect their health. This article is helpful to let people recognize that choosing food details is not really a better way to have a healthy life. The overall planned meal and dietary time are really important and combined all together will better for eat healthy and live healthy.

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