write recommendations for Irish Underwater Council

We are group doing a consulting project for Irish Underwater Council (CTF). The aim of this project is to provide support to CTF in the goal of increasing the number of members and achieving a sustainable activity by introducing a new range or products.

Overall aim

The main aim of the consulting project is to provide the Irish Underwater Council with recommendations on:

  • Increasing the number of memberships in a new range of products for the way in which the business might
  • Expanding their own membership database and
  • Exploring customer and provider´s perceptions of the idea of taking snorkeling and underwater hockey and marketing the plan
  • provide a comprehensive write up of the primary and secondary research results and findings
  • also include a critique of the secondary and primary research findings which will in turn lead to the recommendations

The requirement

As a part of the project we already done primary and secondary analysis and come up with issues and findings that Irish Underwater Council facing now. So now, all we just want to do that arerecommendations for Irish Underwater Council based on that primary and secondary (issues and findings) research.

I am going to upload for you the file which hasthe primary and secondary (issues and findings) research that we already done.


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