Would you knowingly give your love ones a disease? You would knowingly Essay

Would you knowingly give your love ones a disease? You would knowingly give them cancer? Would you try to kill them or harm them in anyway? The obvious answer is no, however, by you eating or sharing certain foods, you actually are. Food additives according to an article by S.E. Smith, are chemical substances added in food to enhance flavor, safety, appearance, and texture of the food. Food additives have changed, and technology has advanced in it with genetically modified foods in the capabilities of that.

It has not changed the safety of the food, furthermore, it has become more dangerous and acceptable. These additives are claimed to be safe; however, in fact, they are dangerous, and a solution is needed.In the 21st-century the most popular food additive is artificial coloring. Artificial coloring is a color additive or dye that is added to a food or drink. These food dyes are added to enhance colors, to add color to colorless products, and to provide consistency in variations of colors.

There are nine colors used for artificial coloring; Blue 1, Blue 2, citrus red 2, green 3, orange B, red 3, red 40 and yellow five. In the book Food Dyes, A Rainbow of Risk by Sarah Kobylewski List every color and their negative affects proven from studies. Dr. Kobylewski states that these dyes can cause hypersensitivity reactions, tumors, and are carcinogen. The New Oxford dictionary says a carcinogen is a substance That causes cancer in a living tissue. In a double-blind placebo-controlled study on 14 year olds by Katherine S. Rowe proved that tartrazine or yellow 5 dye cause behavioral changes in irritability, restlessness, and sleep disturbances. The study was completed in 1994, however, it was found to be inconclusive by the FDA. This was not the last study done on artificial food coloring. In the Article by The Lancet, the United Kingdom performed a study on food additives and hyperactive behavior in 3-year olds and 8-9 year olds. The groups that received items containing sodium benzoate and artificial food colorings (red 40, yellow 5) showed an increase in overactive, impulsive, and inattentive behavior.Most affected by food additives are children, because they start consuming these products as infants. Being exposed to these chemicals and food additives at such young age is extremely dangerous. Infant’s bodies are not meant to be exposed these chemicals. Even with the multiple studies, and hard evidence proving the dangers Of these artificial dyes the FDA, and government believe otherwise.Yet the opposing side believes that these products are needed for the minute (small) positive ability that they provide. They will argue that these food additives or chemicals provide the safety needed for food now. The chemicals are the best way to provide a long shelf life, make the food or drinks appealing to the eye, or stabilize other ingredients in the product. And they believe some of these chemicals have the ability to become an antioxidant. Yes, the opposing is correct in the fact that these chemicals do provide a long shelf life, help to stability of the foods, but is the benefit really worth the dangers? There are multiple studies that prove otherwise. The government, FDA, and major companies are making an ethical decision when it comes to What they are making. They seem to be concerned with their bottom line more than the health of the consumer. Many foods and drinks that they produce and are in safety regulations are extremely dangerous to consume. These products have hazardous chemicals that can cause cancer, ADD, and ADHD. There are multiple natural and safer ways to provide the same benefits.However, there are natural, healthier options that should be used instead of these chemicals. The potential downside of using natural alternatives is that the natural food colors would produce a pastel color more than then the eye-popping colors we are used to. Yet, the natural options provided health benefits. An example of this would be turmeric powder, substitute for yellow 5. Turmeric provides the body___. There are many more benefits because all of these food colorings come from fruits, vegetables, and items found in nature.What may be the oldest for most efficient way to handle these companies and products effectively would be to boycott them. Conscious individuals should not wait for the government to help yet take it into their own hands. By using the power of word of mouth to spread knowledge, many Americans are ignorant to what’s in their food. Effectively using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs to spread awareness. Everyone should be aware of what they are consuming, then you can effectively boycott them. First by looking at the labels which products process is harmful chemicals, by finding out which companies make these products. Making Public that this companies do not care about the American people and drastically reducing the amount of money they make will force them to change. If not, they will go out of business.On the United States food and drug administration webpage ЄFDA.gov you can go to the food link, next go to food and coloring additive petition Showing the steps you can take it to create your own petition. You could also contact your local governing bodies mayors and attempt to hold conversations or bring awareness. By doing this process you may be able to bring it any higher level such as Congress. If not Congress and then take it into your own hands hopefully ban these harsh chemicals like other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Japan, and China.Eating is a main part of life. No matter where you go to eat, the food will seemly always have a food additive. However, you can take the time to research and become aware of these dangerous chemicals. By doing so you can protect yourself and loved ones by understanding what food have these harmful chemicals and what are better food options to consume. Also, by joining the cause to banned and stop these products from being made in our great country. You have the choice and power to be healthy and stop these poisons from spreading.

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