Worst Day Ever Essay

It was a one fine morning. The sun rose steadily, peeking through the curtain and illuminating Ian’s room beautifully as the sixteen-year-old boy was still deep in his slumber. Even the shrilly sound of the annoying alarm clock did not wake him up. It continued for about thirty minutes before Ian was greeted with ice-cold water on his face and body. Slowly, he opened his eyes and the realization sank in as soon as he saw his mother’s face.

Judging from his mother’s facial expression, he knew that he was late to school again. He muttered a loud sorry to his mother as he darted to the bathroom for a quick shower. His mother could only shake her head at her son’s behaviour. Ian let out a painful moan when the steaming hot water hit his body. He backed away, trying to turn off the hot shower at the same time. Unfortunately, he burned his skin a few times before he finally succeeded.

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Worst Day Ever Essay
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Finally, he gave up on showering and started to head down to catch up with the last bus to his school. As weird as it sounded, Ian had a bad feeling that it was going to be his worst day ever.

Everything seemed wrong from the very start. First of all, he began his day late as he woke up late for school that day. So here he was, chasing after the bus which already on its way with its loyal morning passenger all aboard. Ian knew that it was a futile attempt because once the bus had moved away from the bus stop; there was no way to stop it. He plopped down lazily on his buttock on the cold chair in the bus stop. His stomach was grumbling because he missed his breakfast as a result of waking up late. His mother won’t let him have even just a small bite of those delicious home-made pancakes of hers. Ian glanced down at his red wristwatch, it read 8.01am.

Sighing out of frustration, he decided that it would be best if he started walking to school. As he walked, he muttered some incoherent curse words under his breath, unaware of the presence of a large, black dog creeping up soundlessly behind him. The next thing he knew was that he was running for his life, trying to get away from the scary dog. Unfortunately for Ian, luck was not on his side that day. His bag was bitten by the fierce dog, causing it to tear apart. His paper and homework were scattered all over the road. Though it was hard to admit, it was indeed the worst morning ever for Ian.

As soon as he reached his school, everyone was mad at him. It looked like everybody decided to get mad at him that day. He was punished by the security guard for trying to climb the closed school gate. Even though Ian himself knew that it was wrong to just climb the gate like that, he was desperate and he knew that he was going to get more problems if he was any later that he already was. He received a scolding from the guard before he was off the hook. The worst part of it was the fact that he injured his leg as he fell down from the gate just now.

Drowning himself in his own misery, he had to limp all the way to his class, wincing every now and then at the painful throbbing feeling in his left ankle. It did not get better once he arrived at his class. He knew that things like this were bound to happen when he turned up late in class. Ian was scolded by the strictest teacher in the school whom he had a class with for the first two period of the morning. It was all due to his missing homework. Cursing his bad luck, Ian remembered the incident with the rabid dog earlier. He looked sadly at his torn bag as he willingly accepted the punishment that the teacher had in store for him. As a punishment, he had to run around the school field. In short, his day could not get any worse with everybody getting angry with him.

Finally, worst had come to the worst as the weather too was not on his side that day. Dark clouds started to gather on the once flawless blue sky. It started to rain heavily while he was running around the field. The ground was slippery and he knew that he had to be more careful with his steps. His hurt ankle was not much of a help as it only contributed to him, feeling worse than ever. When the throbbing feeling on his leg became unbearable, he decided to stop. Unfortunately, as soon as he stopped running, he accidentally tripped over a big stone that came out of nowhere in the middle of the field. Expecting what was going to come next, he closed his eyes as he fell into a big puddle of thick mud.

The rain did not show any indication that it was going to stop so Ian decided to rest under a big tree at the side of the field. He certainly did not see this coming. He was completely taken aback when the lightning struck the tree that he was resting under. He ran quickly to save his life. The harsh lightning burned the tree. It was a narrow escape from the tree but unluckily, he burned some of his hair. He walked away from the tree with such a sad back, silently crying over his bad luck for the day. Thus, the bad weather completed his worst day ever.

Ian would never forget that day when everything went wrong. The suffering and hardship that he went through that day shall always be remembered. Even though it was a bad memory, he wanted to treasure that one fragment of his life forever. It was indeed the worst day ever.

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