World History

Research Paper Assignment:

Topi c and Bi bl i ography

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World History
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Topi c

  1. Select the topic for your research paper. This is the theme you will use to

compare and contrast two different civilizations.

From the list below, choose one topic that will be the focus of your research paper.

  • Conflict
  • Women
  • Culture
  1. Select two civilizations to compare and contrast the topic in your research


Select one civilization from each column and compare them to each other.

Classical Greece India

2100 BC-AD 500 350 BC-AD 600


Rome China

750 BC-AD 500 350 BC-AD 600


After selecting your topic and the two civilizations you will compare and contrast, identify

excellent Web resources where you can find the information you will need later when

you develop your paper’s thesis statement and outline.

When creating a good bibliography of Web-based sources, it is critical that you

determine whether these sources are valid and dependable. Use the form below for

each of the five Web sites you select to show that you have fully assessed the quality of

each site.

Remember, you want sites that include content about your topic and the civilizations you

are comparing and contrasting, all during the appropriate era. Answer the last question

in each form to demonstrate how that Web site will provide information about your

chosen topic and civilizations.

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