World Civilisation Final Term Essay IntroductionThe revolution that took place in Russia Essay

World Civilisation Final Term Essay IntroductionThe revolution that took place in Russia in the year of 1917, consisted of two revolutions. The first revolution that took place in February because of the people riot on poverty, resulting in the overthrow of the long Tsar monarchy. The other revolution which also took place in 1917 known as the October revolution led by Vladimir Lenin which gave rise to the Bolsheviks. As we see into today’s Russia, then a revolution taking place would be very much different because under Vladimir Putin, the present president of Russia who has taken new reform of Russian economy which is much more stabilised than it was during Russia in 1917.

There is also no weak political party controlling Russia in the present that is going to be overthrown as Vladimir Putin’s has gained enough popularity among his people Background Nichols’s Tsar, during his time in 1905 was more into the economic development of Russia in which workers must work all day long in a dangerous condition with fewer wages.

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World Civilisation Final Term Essay IntroductionThe revolution that took place in Russia Essay
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As the conditions were getting worse a march whose sole purpose was to relieve the workers from the worsening condition; gathered on the street of St Petersburg towards Tsar’s place who called his soldiers to fire at the marchers. (Hall, P. 2009. p. 713-714). After this deadly incident, a series of reforms were introduced by Stolypin who was the interior misters, in their reform the workers gained freedom from village control and were paid better. That didn’t last long as Tsar continued with his autocratic rule. As Tsar continued with his autocratic rule with a decade of unsolved economic, social and political problems got to became even worse when Russia entered World War 1. (Stearns, 2011, p. 745-746). Entering WW1 soon strained Russia’s resource and drastically worsened the economic condition of Russian society. Due to the war misery, an outburst of food riot happened on the 25th of February in which the workers didn’t ask for food or money but for a new political leader which was supported by all figures of authority. This time Tsar’s could not ask his soldiers support as they were against him too and hence resulted in the abdication of Tsar. (Kennedy, 2016. P. 277). There was now a Provisional Government who took control after Tsar yet failed to solve Russia’s present problems. With the failure of the provisional government, Vladimir Lenin got an opportunity to lead his party called the Bolsheviks to take control over the Provisional Government on the night of October 24, 1917. (Kennedy, 2016. P. 277)..Body Paragraph 2 After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia did improve with major economic reform to transform Russia into capitalist markets economy (Gaidar, 2007, p. 184). The natural resource is the main foundation of Russia’s economy which is oil and gas. As Russia has a big area than any other world for agriculture in the world it has the advantage of an economy not comparable with any other country. (Djankov, 2015, p.15). Some of the action was taken to reform the economy where they devalued the ruble (Russian currency) increased the price of imported commodities which benefited the local industrializer of Russia to pay off their debts off during the crisis. Also, by reforming taxation they the tax burden reduced as the environment was enabled to stimulate economic growth by resumption. The cooperate profit tax and VAT were the main objective of tax reformation by Vladimir Putin. (Djankov, 2015, p.17). There has also been revising of the international trade policy as they devalued the ruble but the demand of oil is fluctuating and Yegor Gaidar argued in his book Collapse of an empire: Lesson for Modern Russia that failure in the price of oil will cause failure in the Russian state. The military budget is to remain under control as no more military expansion is planned in other countries and looking forward to more reservation for their own. Hence Vladimir Putin created a stabilization fund in 2004 which is supplemented by revenues from oil exports and the fund grew to an amount of $370 billion by April 2007 and did pay for the debts of the Soviet era therefore reducing poverty and economic crisis of Russia and has the GDP (gross domestic product) 4th in the world. (Bladel, 2008, p.26) Body Paragraph 3 Russia has its own political system as Putin does not want to have the same one as the US’s political system. Now that Russia is a federation after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there is still involvement between the local government and main government. Even though Russia has a strong judicial system, it still has the highest number of prisoners. The relationship strategy with a foreign country is open. Russia is being benefited in the field of technology and militaries force from the Soviet Union. Russia as now more development in military force such as air force, navy with well-developed grown arm industry than they had back in 1914 when Russia participated in World War 1. Under Putin’s presidency, Russia is exporting and producing enough war weapons, which does contribute to the revenue of the country (Bladel, 2008, p.33-34). There is no political competition nor other reformers to stand against Vladimir Putin, this is because as soon as he becomes the president for the third time he characterized to successfully protest any movement against him. (Bladel, 2008, p.35). He made sure that opposition leaders were jailed and thus there is no overthrown of Vladimir Putin party to cause a revolution like the Bolsheviks overthrew the Provisional government. ConclusionAs for the 15 years of rule by Vladimir Putin, the economy and the political system did revert that satisfied Russian. There has been extensive control over the political and economic activity in Russia by Vladimir Putin than it was in Russia by Tsar under his era. Putin’s presidency in economic term stands in sharp contrast with Tsar’s economic situation in Russian. Putin worked on the revenue and stabilization for its country whereas Tsar was more into the economic development for the country traumatizing the citizens. Hence the economic success of Putin presents for his popularity and making sure that his people have nothing to make another revolution.

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