The final project or Key Assignment for the class (due in Week 5) requires you to identify a problem area in your place of employment or a problem that has occurred in previous jobs. The focus should be on a problem that has been addressed in the literature (peer-reviewed journals) where suggestions have been made on problem resolution. The Individual Project assignments leading up to Week 5 will provide an opportunity to gather needed information that you can utilize as you create your final project.

For this assignment, search psychology journals for a topic that interests you and is related to where you work now, where you have worked in the past, or somewhere you might like to work in the future. The topic should focus on an area where improvements can be made. Find an article where the author has utilized quantitative data analysis. Summarize the following:

The work-related problem that you have selected to research in upcoming weeks
The population and sample used in the study (participants)
How the author measured the variables (e.g., how the variables were defined, or instruments used to gather the data)
How the research was conducted (procedures)
The research findings, to get more insights visit,

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In addition, critically evaluate the aspects of the study that seemed to work and point out those parts of the study that seemed to limit the study. Provide appropriate APA references and citations for your study.

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