With this assassination regarding Russian Tsar Alexander II during 1881 A period Essay

With this assassination regarding Russian Tsar Alexander II during 1881. A period of repression occurred concerning plenty of reasons such as being endeavors at modernization, reform, and a movement towards liberalism. Alexander had desired major development for Russia furthermore was pushing toward reform. This would lead toward his assassination and to a period of repression in late 19th century Russia. Alexander had experienced in the government before he went to the throne more than his late father. Alexander had learned how to speak Russian, German, French English, and Polish.

He had traveled all around Russia and was the first in the royal family line to visit Siberia. Alexander further obtained an awareness of military arts, financed and diplomacy. He was a member of the state council and held various military commands. In the Crimean War, Russia’s technology and military backwardness had turned his mind to liberalism. He believed in liberalism for serfs to make certain an uprise doesn’t occur. The government was gonna be held many discussions over this issue and if they even should be emancipated with land and compensation for the nobles.

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With this assassination regarding Russian Tsar Alexander II during 1881 A period Essay
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But furthermore, Alexander continued to fight for this law and the emancipation law is created and was proclaimed in 1861. This law established that all serfs are allowed to marry, obtain property, involve in trades, and produce suits in courts. This emancipation law cleared more than 25 million peasants. However, there were still various problems that were too overcome. One of these issues would be was that they did not obtain enough property moreover were overtaxed for that. Another signifies that it was a plan to compensate nobles confused the serfs who believed the nobles were deceiving them on the original terms from that declaration. Alexander aspired to increase his foreign affairs with his chief advisor, General Alexander Gorchakov furthermore they attempted to obtain a diplomatic reform with France in 1857 through a private conference with Napoleon III. This established to be a failure when France obtained a favorable spot to an 1863 anti-Russian rebellion in Poland. Alexander plus two other men created the League of the Three Emperors. Although that alliance ultimately collapsed Alexander maintained his alliance with Germany and Austria. After many attempts of reforming Russia and trying to modernization his life will soon come to an end. Many people were after him for all of the changing that was going on and many of the reforms. His authority was challenged on many accounts he turned very repressive and he would go after political reform. On March 13, 1881, two bombs had gone off that day Alexander II had survived the first one and when he had left his coach to tend to an injured soldier another bomb was to be thrown and that shattered both his legs and he would later die that day. The revolutionary People’s Will group they have tried at many attempts at murdering the Czar and have made official murders on officials. Alexander II would be buried at the Church of the Spilled Blood that erected in his memory. After Alexander II had passed away his son Alexander III would take over Russia. Alexander III is born on March 10th, 1845 and he would reign until his death. Alexander III would do many different things to gain control of Russia again. One of those things is to redo what his father has done. Another one is to restore Russia and to get it back to the top again. The last one is the repression of opponents. Alexander III first step into redoing what his father had done was to reject the Loris-Melikov proposal. He had put in new power to Russia and came in with a strong hand and was taking action and to make Russia stronger. He was not willing to give any power politics to the peasants and only the higher-ups. He had taken and revised everything that was too liberal or that did no justice. Alexander III was also known as the peacemaker under his ruling the empire was at peace. He had removed many people for the alien ideas that were undermining him and the government and giving out ideas he did not want. He wanted Russia to going back to being Russia the strong united country it once was and to have no faults or questions about it. Both father and son wanted was best for Russia and they both wanted Russia to be a strong united front but the father took a weaker force and did not get much done but the son was more willing and more getting his hands into it and to make sure everything went smoothly and he had full control of everything. He also had wanted people to be on his side and reversing all of his father policies and getting rid of new laws and putting the old ones in. Alexander III was a firm believer in absolute power and distrust the bureaucracy. He had also managed to get secondary schools underneath church rule and made sure no peasants or lower class would not be allowed to attend to secondary schools. This was to stop from letting the upper class know what was actually going on and not knowing the truth so nothing would be spread around and an uprise or something would happen under his ruling.

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