With reference to theory, why is it difficult to chart the development of pragmatic skills in children? Reflect on how might children be disadvantaged, in schools and socially, if their pragmatic skills develop differently?

Below you will find the suggested draft plan as provided to me by my marker:

What is meant by pragmatics?
Definitions: linguistic; cognitive; social.

What are the components of pragmatics?
Difficulty on agreeing on a model
conversation, maxims, functions, joint reference
which areas have a cognitive dimension?

Individual differences in development
e.g. autism, ASD, pragmatic difficulty, behaviour problems (but wide variation)

Impact in a) the classroom (language and curriculum)
b) socially (peers, playground)

I have a draft plan with feedback from my marker I would like to forward.This can help you to understand better what she is looking for and also my assignment is required to have some similarity to this draft plan but please feel free to omit or add elements, especially in the components of pragmatics section. Also as you will see in the draft plan for the components of pragmatics section I have some strong arguments but there is need to link this more with developmental pragmatics rather than just pragmatics in general. Also in the draft plan i failed to respond to the which areas have a cognitive dimension for which there is need to be included. Hope this make sense. Furthermore, for the last section on Impact, please keep in mind that I was advised to use the literature for the fist element (classroom) but for the second (socially) try and incorporate personal experience so a small narration or something would be good. Please note that this module is part of an MA in Special and Inclusive education. Lastly, as far as references go I mean there is no specific number as you may understand, as long as it is a representative number for a masters degree level and I assume you are aware of the fact that some old resources such as the Ninio and Snow (1996) in our case are valuable and thus should be included but there is need to include more recent resources as well.
Please feel free to request any further explanation/ clarification.

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