William Blake VS Emily Dickinson Essay

William Blake and Emily Dickerson Both discuss love in their poems, but the kind of love their expressing are different. The way they approach and leave their poems are also both different. William Blake’s poem A Sick Rose and Emily Dickerson’s poem I died for Beauty”but was scarce are both about love but it’s very clear that these poems are very different but very similar in different ways. They both are expressing what they feel love is for the time being.

Both poems approach the topic with a distinct sense of intimacy and comfort,but express it in a dark and somber manner. A similarity that is noticeable is in the tone of the two poems. Dickinson’s and Blakes poems are fairly somber and express feelings. William Blake, among other romantic poets may be name first asprecursor pararomanticism. Besides portraying the blissfulness of nature and earth, William Blake illustrated the pains, remorse and dark features enclosing human beings.

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William Blake VS Emily Dickinson Essay
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William Blake’s “Songs of Experience” abound with the poet’s focus on the malevolent shadows of life. Hunger, poverty, exploitations, diseases, sins, social injustice and other unpleasant things affecting life catch our eyes and move our hearts while perusing the poems presented in William Blake’s “Songs of Experience.” Poor, hungry, homeless children, repressed women, people’s agonies make these poems shockingly penetrative and sadly resonant. In the poem The Sick Rose. In this poem Blake uses a rose as a metaphor for representing the troubled state of humans while tolerating concealed pains and torment which cannot be expressed. Flowers have been viewed by most of the romantic poets as lovely and attractive things but,William Blake has touched upon the secret sufferings that (based on what’s seen or what seems obvious) happy-looking faces hide. Exposure of hidden severely upset feelings instead of highlighting the joy and charms of life makes William Blake move away from the attractiveness of core romantic ways of thinking/basic truths/rules and gets him closer to pararomantic visions.Actually the Industrial Revolution in England during the beginning of 19th century started mechanizing people’s (way of living) and drove away the softness of their minds. This is the point that touched William Blake most. Pararomantic poetry is found in American books too. As shown in Pararomancism: William Blake And Emily Dickinson William Blake expresses his feelings in different ways that others weren’t expecting right away. If we study Emily Dickinson’s poems clearly and intelligently, very deep/extreme pararomantic supports/supporting details can be traced. Emily Dickinson grew/showed/waved in America when the American Age of Understanding and American Romantic Increase in numbers (happened at the same time with a great deal of identical values and normal behaviors. While American romantic litterateurs like Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau honored and praised the brilliance and beauty of life and nature, Emily Dickinson exercised most of her poetic amazing abilities on showing/representation of death. Showing the image of death again and again by Emily Dickinson (in a surprising and interesting way) went against/argued against with the wonderful and flavorsome angles of life illustrated by her modern romantic poets in America. Emily Dickinson presented together two universal things in this poem-truth and beauty– which are larger than life and for which death has been hugged/supported by millions of people through ages. The conversation described in this poem between two dead people inside their (places where bodies are buried) remind us of metempsychosis-the transmigration of souls beyond the (places that are off to the side) of death and time. (at the same time), this poem puts forwa Emily Dickinson to the readers in an especially/famously pararomanticic light. These two poets express love in simillarities. These two poets use poems to express how they feel about love. They express love in different ways because of course their virgin of love in their eyes are going to be different. In The Sick Rose Blake explains how other people love and what it looks like in his eyes. In I died for beauty Dickinson explains how she feels about love. Two people in their death tombs talking about what they died for. Emily Dickinson and William Blake both use metaphors, and they both explain love in their own ways by the poems they wrote. They spent time writing peoms about love so that people who has read their work understands the time and place that they were coming from. Emily Dickinson is one of America’s greatest and most original poets of all time. She took definition as her province and challenged the existing definitions of poetry and the poet’s work. William Blake was a 19th century writer and artist who is regarded as a seminal figure of the Romantic Age. His writings have influenced countless writers and artists through the ages, and he has been deemed both a major poet and an original thinker as said in William Blake biography. These two poets strongly express their versions of love through their indivisual poems by just letting go and let their words speak for them.

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