Wild Child Essay

Part I When a child is born it is very important part of its life to have human contact. This is what has happen to what the experts have called “The Wild Child”. However instead of human contact they have had contact with animals that have adopted them into their pack. It could have been by dogs, monkeys, wolfs or even bears. Some children are lost in the woods at a very young age or have even walked away from family because of different situations.

So the animals become their sergeant families. They learn by watching and mimic what others do. This is the same with babies as they grow with their care takers.

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Wild Child Essay
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They watch and mimic what someone does. The babies and even young children need human contact to be able to grow and learn. If a child is locked up in a closet or attic like Genie then we can learn from that how a human will still act like a newborn and not learn to speak or even do things for theirs self’s because they have no one to learn from.

When you look at the stories of two wild children you do see a lot of similarities also you see some difference. It is all about how you look at the stories, for instance you have Genie who was thirteen years old and locked in a room and was tied to a potty chair.

She could not speak only make noises; she was forced to be alone all day and most nights. This was wrong in so many ways. Then you have Victor, who was raised in the wild by animals and when he was discovered there was so many questions on how he lived and what he did. Victor also could not speak words and even did not like wearing clothing. He seemed to be happier outdoors in the elements than inside a house. Much like all “wild children” the scientific and ethical dilemmas and the significance of this studies is what we can learn from them. We need to make sure that we cause no harm to them in the long run.

We also need to make sure they are safe and then help them in any way that we can. Part II For over 60 years the America Physchogical Association has faced ethical problems without a formal code. Then in 1982 a code of ethics was founded to help the APA better solve and study problems that exist within the human world. The researchers would do research on either humans or animals to see if they could find a cure for some disease that was taken over. This would make either animal rights group protest for harming the animals or the human rights groups say that they were killing people.

So the APA came up with some guidelines that need to be followed. You will see that there are different guidelines for the humans to the animals. Also what these guidelines mean for each. The research which involves humans these standards must be met. 1) Informed Consent: this means that the participants must know what research they are in and must be able to give consent or permission. 2) Deception: this means to make sure that the participants are not deceived in any way. 3) Coercion: this means that the participants cannot be coerced in any way to give their consent for the study. ) Anonymity: the researchers may not give out any personal information about the participants. 5) Risk: the participants cannot be place in any significant mental or physical risk. 6) Debriefing Procedures: The participants must be told of the purpose of their study and also how to get a hold of the researchers with any problems or even their results to any test that was performed.

The research standers which involve animal research are different than the ones that involve humans. Below you will see the different. 1) Purpose: they must have a clear scientific purpose. ) Care: The animals must be cared for and housed in a human way. 3) Acquiring Animals: must be acquired legally and purchased from accredited company. 4) Suffering: they must design experimental procedures that employ the least amount of suffering. 5) Supervision: a trained psychologist must supervise all research that is preformed on animals. Part III To me the most precious gift is a baby. However they seem to cry a lot and scream and if you are not ready or able to handle that then maybe you shouldn’t have one. Crying can be so frustrating for a parent because you are not sure what is going on.

For some parents this can become too much so they shake the baby to get it to stop crying. However what they do not realize is that will end up hurting the baby and also can cause what the medical community will call “shaking baby syndrome. To see and hear your child cry can and will become so frustrating that you want to scream. The best solutions that I found that worked well with me. I got someone to watch my child for 30 min to an hour a day. That was my time; I would go for a walk, take a hot bath or even just read a book and relax.

Then by the time I came back to my child, I was relaxed and not so angry that I would hurt them. Now some people always said how you can just take that time for you. My reply would be, we all need a break and this way the child or you don’t suffer because of it. There are many reasons babies cry however here are at least 10 of those reasons. 1) They are hungry 2) Dirty diapers 3) Need to sleep 4) Wants to be held 5) Tummy hurts 6) To cold or even to hot 7) Teething 8) Not feeling well 9) Gas 10) Either wants more or less stimulation All parents need to learn what their babies’ cries are and the difference in them.

The community needs to have more education for pregnant women and men so they can understand what life with a child will be like. Maybe this can put a stop to the child abuse that happens around us. Our children are at stake here and they need the communities support so do the parents. Part IV The money and research that is allocated for investigation on how to better understanding of languages in primates should not be allowed. This money and research should go toward other research that will better help find a cure for cancer or other types of diseases. For me why would you want to make an animal speak like a chimp or a monkey?

How is that going to help us out any? Are they going to tell us something about life that our researchers, doctors do not know? To me that is a big waste of money that is going to a cause that is not worth anything. Now to use they to find a cause and as long as it is not hurting the animal in any way then yes I can see that. The Chimp talk debate, I do not believe that it is a real language. It is not speaking nor is it a real sign language. They are training the chimps to say what they are taught to say. Do they think that chimps can have a full conversation with humans if they wanted to?

That would be real history, until that happens it is not helping us at all in our world to see if they can communicate with Chimps. They should also start with other animals also like our household pets. Maybe that way they can tell us what they really want or if they are sick, hungry, angry or just want to sleep. Part V In this section we were to write a reaction paper to the attachment theory. In my thoughts of this is why so many children so through more attachment issue then many others. My thought is mostly it is the parents that are causing this.

If a stay at home mom is with their child day in and day out then never does leave that child nor have any play dates for that child. Then when it is time for the child to go off to school they will have a hard time. Not only will the child have a since of abandonment so will the parent. This will cause anxiety for both of them and latter on it will cause issues with the child when they grow up. Now on the other hand with a stay at home mom is away at times from the child and also sends them out on play dates the child would not have as much anxiety from being away from the parent.

Also the parent would not have anxiety either. When I took the test on my personality I was surprised to learn that my structure relationship with my mother, father, spouse and my best friend were all a secure relationship. I believe that is because of the opens that we all share with each other. I know when my father was alive it was like he was a person that I could talk to about anything. I also have that with my mom; we keep no secrets from each other. I try to pass that down to my children when they were younger and even known that we are so far away, they know that I am only a phone call away.

And let me tell you they really do call me a lot. I know about their bad and good days. I know when they are sick or even if they get in an agreement with their boyfriends. It is so funny for this to happen when they are young adults in their 20’s. The boyfriends don’t really understand it; however they are getting use to it. I always don’t take my girls sides, sometimes I take the boyfriends side or even don’t take sides, I just listen. And really that’s all they wanted in the first place.

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