Why is globalization important to management? What does it take to be an international manager? How do organizations expand globally?

Globalization is important to organizational management to the extent that it involves integration of organization`s operations, strategies and processes, into the diverse cultures, services, products, and ideas. As such, globalization is being important to management to the extent that it needs to foster expansion to various markets and hire employees from different backgrounds and stakeholders from different origins. The management of a particular company will benefit from globalization since it can outsource employees and raw materials from other regions(Crane, & Matten, 2016). Communications, partnerships and mergers have been enhanced through globalization making expansion to new markets easy.

What takes to be an international manager is the extent to which a manager is able to steer a company to operate in more than one geographical location of a country or a manager to be able to steer a company which have already internationalized to other countries.

Organizations are able to expand globally by doing market survey and establishing a gap in various regions that they need to satisfy. As such, to internationalize or expand globally, organizations needs to conduct SWOT and PESTEL analysis to establish the competitiveness and profitability of the new markets they need to venture into.


Crane, A., & Matten, D. (2016). Business ethics: Managing corporate citizenship and sustainability in the age of globalization. Oxford University Press.

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