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Who can help with this right away?

Create a scenario that assumes a very small public or nonprofit organization/agency with five staff members and $300,000 as the budget amount. You need to complete the following items for this assignment:

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Who can help with this right away?
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State the type of agency and its purpose.Create a line item budget for the agency.In this budget, there must be items and costs for the current year and the next year.Create the line item budget in Microsoft Excel.Create a document (please feel free to use a chart to illustrate your work) describing a minimum of six budget types to include the following: zero base, performanceDescription of each type of budget.Identify which level of government uses the budget (federal, state, and/or city).

Submission Details:

Please cite and reference your work accordingly. Submit the line item budget in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and save it as SU_MPA5010_W1_lastname_firstname.xls.Submit the budget types in a Microsoft Word document and save it as SU_MPA5010_W1__lastname_firstname.doc.Submit the Excel spreadsheet and the Microsoft Word document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

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