Who buys vintage fashion and why do they buy it?

With reference to a range of academic writing on vintage fashion, answer this question, referring to specific examples of vintage fashion objects in your answer.

Feedback of the original essay from tutor :There are some good ideas here and references to some beautiful and very complex objects. The writing does address the question and it offers some convincing suggestions about why vintage fashion is consumed. There are references to specific Kimonos in different cultural contexts and this does indicate an understanding of the way objects’ meanings shift depending on where and how they are worn or used. The research about the techniques used to produce the first kimono are clearly explained and this is relevant additional research. This could also be seen as the product of a ‘speculation’ about the object: the second stage of Prown’s methodology. There is a very clear explanation of Prown’s methodology in Valerie Steele’s essay ‘A Fashion Museum is more than a Clothes Bag’ and it would have been very useful for you to have read this. The key problems here is that there is only one references to unit sources and the question specifically asks that you refer to ‘a range of theoretical writing on vintage fashion’. In addition, language use is very problematic in places. This means that it is very difficult to follow the arguments made and that these arguments are not adequately supported………………….

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