While not tangible item public policy can be directions rules Essay

While not tangible item, public policy can be directions, rules, laws, principles, guidelines, or identified as policy statements, proposed by a government, organizations or parties. Policies are created to accomplish specific purposes that are trying to solve a problem that is plaguing either an interest group, non-governmental organization, a governmental body or other affected citizens. They are the reactions to the shouts from the people, the people with a need or issue within our own country’s realm of possibilities, a policy demand.

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While not tangible item public policy can be directions rules Essay
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The crazy part concerning public policy is that it appears vague, not a discrete decision, response or act, it is really an intricate design the determines the policy outputs. The influence these outputs can impact how the government may deal with the issue, a positive impact or they may do nothing, a negative impact. When it is ready, a single government representative, body or multiple actors may execute the policy; however, a statement of the reasoning is usually included behind the policy.

This is not a promise nor intention, it is the government’s method to uphold the people’s needs.

Where does public policy come from?

Public policy is based on public demand, then the government makes decisions meant to help figure out how to resolve issues and improve the situation. The publics’ demand needs to gain government attention before the process can begin. The participation from multiple institutions within the government is required to formulate a policy and get a bill before Congress or even a draft. Outcomes of most public policies can take years of refinement, negotiation, and considerable debate. A policy gets adopted when legislation is passed by Congress passes, the Supreme Court decides, or the regulations become final. The policy is then implemented, however, over time it will be evaluated to see if it is actually viable or if it needs to be terminated. Health Care Reform is a good example. They fought to make the change to Obamacare, citizens were told they must have Obamacare, then they were told maybe they, then they were told YES for real or you get fined; however, now, do not get Obamacare because it is bad.

What are the differences between public policy and private policy?

“Public policy is the federal constitution of laws that are very democratic in nature while the private policy is a law that is generated to shield the information of the customers of an organization and not involved in democratic approaches.” (Anderson, 2015) Public policy assists with the publics’ demands protecting a wide range of needs concerning education, transportation, food assistance, taxes, and homeland defense. The public policy protects and maintains the demands or needs or the people, whereas private policy aims to notify customers regarding the purpose and usage of private information that has been collected and stored by various organizations. Private policies are determined by a board of directors without public interference; however, public policy is only created based on the needs of the people. Public policies provide the general public legal and health coverage, while the private policies only provide protection of the people’s individual rights and personal information.

At what point does private policy become public policy?

A private policy becomes a public policy when a healthcare system collects a client’s private information and consequently, this information is actuality protected by private law. The same client becomes sick and goes to the hospital which is when the private policy is moved into public policy. This can happen easily since so many different programs are now offered in the healthcare system like classes for Nutrition, Mindfulness, Meditation, Parenting and many more for personal encouragement. Since they are offered in the healthcare system the information can easily cross the line. My sister worked for a hospital and was terminated for that exact violation which, she did not realize she violated. She looked up information for a patient on that crossed the public and private line, she was terminated. Ethically she was wrong, even though the information was for our own father, as sad as it was the law is the law.

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