While I like to read play badminton and computer games my first Essay

While I like to read, play badminton and computer games, my first love is Math. Math is a spark in my intellectual curiosity. My desire to study Actuarial Science encapsulates my interest and love for Math.

I learned of the Actuarial profession at a career meeting a couple of years ago and, after doing some research, and the working holiday with an insurance company, I was intrigued at how we could apply mathematical concepts to real-life scenarios and put to much practical use in real-world situations.

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While I like to read play badminton and computer games my first Essay
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It’s fascinating to learn that raw data can be collected and equation & modeling formed to work out how long someone may live, what is the likelihood of someone having an accident, or what is the economic cost of the next hurricane.

My conviction to study actuarial science was further reinforced after reading “Actuarial History” by Chris Lewin (2007). Mr. Lewin outlines the fascinating story of how the insurance principle developed from early ages and the long history of pensions.

He describes how compound interest was in use in Middle Ages for daily business transactions. And in 1693, Mr. Edmond Halley, the famous mathematician and astronomer, published an important paper using real-life data to construct a life table and describing for the first time how to use such a table to work out the purchase price of a life annuity. Halley’s paper laid a foundation in establishing the actuarial science.

It was the Equitable, as the first assurance company to use the term ‘actuary’ for its chief executive officer in 1762

I also had the opportunity to undergo a brief internship at Prudential, a leading insurer in Malaysia during my year-end school holiday. Throughout this internship, I was exposed to the way actuaries work to compile data and the methodology used to “bake” the data to produce the finish product. By observing at how the actuaries conceptualized & evaluate every aspect and possible scenario of a risk involved, I found it to be an interesting challenge that I’d like to be part of and reaffirmed my interest in the actuarial field.

I was born and raised in the family with a strong foundation in math. From young, I loved to play with Sudoku puzzles and in particular, enjoy working on a Maths workbook. My interest and proficiency in Math propelled me to join numerous competitions in school. I won numerous prizes including a Bronze medal for Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC)-2019, 1st runner-up in state-level Science & Maths Quiz (2017) and a Bronze medal in Singapore & Asian Schools Maths Olympiad (2015). All these competitions helped me to improve my problem-solving skills and to control my composure which was vital for a critical thinking process under stressful environments.

In school, I won the Academic Super Star Award three years in a row (2017, 2016, 2015) and Overall Most Outstanding Student Award (2015). I was also an elected Class Monitor and Class Treasurer at the same time. On top of all this, I also serve as a Mathematics Club secretary. In my role as a club secretary, I help to organize half-yearly school ‘Maths week’ and write some maths quizzes for lower form students. Holding an elected position was an enlightening experience for me, an experience that has greatly improved my leadership and organizational skills.

Outside school, I like to read and play badminton. On the weekends, I would be spending most of my time in the community church. Occasionally, I also use some of my Sunday afternoons attending training on a truth in a bible. Being rooted in my Christian faith has preserved me to be a compassionate and non-judgemental person.

I have chosen to study in the UK for its solid teaching reputation and experience for myself the “life-changing learning experience” that will aid me in achieving my goals of continuing a rich history of actuarial science.

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