When I first heard about the Organization Behavior subject I had a Essay

When I first heard about the Organization Behavior subject, I had a vague idea. In fact, I thought the subject would deal with something related to organization alone. But as the class goes by, I began to understand that the subject deals with much more important aspect which is going to be the most essential learnings for a management student to enhance his skills for his future endeavors. Everyone of us who had worked in an organization would definitely had worked under the supervision of a senior employee or a manager.

And most of us including me was not very happy to work under him. The common reason we all have is the lack of respect or treatment that we receive from our supervisor. When I decided to pursue my management studies, I was thinking about how should I enhance my skills to be a good supervisor so that the employee working under me is going to be comfortable and satisfied.

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When I first heard about the Organization Behavior subject I had a Essay
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And that is when I realized that this subject on organizational behavior is going to teach me everything related to behavior that I required in the corporate world. During my working days of 2.5 years, I had noticed that I was really lacking in some areas which is hindering my performances as an individual character. I tried a lot to figure out what it was and went unsuccessful. But the topics covered in organizational behavior class and exercises carried out as a part of the class began to fill the holes which I was searching for. The class on personality helped me a lot to relate my character with my earlier experience and able to identify correctly about out my weaknesses and strengths. Especially the exercise on Big Five Personality Traits helped me to see myself where I stand when it comes to the most important five traits of an individual. I realized I am good in emotional stability and conscientiousness which helped me in my successful career path as of now and also found out the reason for my barrier to higher stage is due to low extroversion, low agreeableness and less openness to experience. And the exercise was so satisfying that I could relate all the traits to my character and evaluate myself. Knowing where I am lacking now the Big Five Locator exercise acts as an eye opener for me so that I could work on my weakness to develop my personality in a much better way. And another exercise on Myers-Briggs Type Indicators also triggered my emotions and thoughts in a great way. The 16 combination of personality type indicators also helped me to understand better about myself and the areas I have to work upon. I found out that my personality related to INTJ type indicator. Introversion and intuiting are something which really disturbed my thoughts. Professor told that INTJ are mostly visionaries. But for me to become a successful and good manager that is something one should not possess. Also, I have learnt that ESTJ is considered as a manger type. I have started working towards extroversion and sensing by actively interacting with others and seeing things in practical and more realistic way. Self-esteem and assertiveness are also one of the traits I have started working towards it. Organizational Behavior class has helped me a lot in identifying my weak areas and made me to realize the importance of those skills in my work environment. Since I joined the course a week later, I missed out the opportunity to participate in the outbound exercise that everyone went through at Tapovan during orientation. I heard the outbound exercise was very useful for everyone that made them work as a team which enhanced their management and interpersonal skills. I feel so disappointed to miss such a great opportunity that would have taught a lot of life experience to me. All the things that I am learning in organizational behavior class is something that I could indulge in my day to day activities by finding a way to strengthen my personality and skills. For example, our course deals with lot of group works and group activities. And this provides me a platform to develop and enhance my interpersonal skills. I have started to be more interactive and involved in the group work which I did not concentrate before highlighted in organizational behavior class. Showing empathy, respect, and maintaining healthy relationship towards other employees or subordinates plays a major role in determining the character of a manager. Being worked under different personalities I have realized how the manager should not be to his subordinates. Knowing doing gap is something why every mangers falter which we discussed in the class as well. Supervisors have to be assertive and confident in leading the team. They should always encourage the subordinates by considering and valuing their decision, build a good morale which in turn result in mutual benefit. Management is concerned in organizational behavior compared to individual behavior. Organizational behavior helps me in developing the essential managerial skills and implement in my future organization effectively. Therefore, Organizational Behavior acts as one of the pillars in management. Analyzing self-character and hone the above said soft skills and understand the importance of having a great attitude in our work life as future managers is going to be my priority. The experiences which I am learning from organizational behavior is really shaping my management skills which increase my confident level to work in the competitive corporate world.

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