What we can learn from this is that as managers, we need to be aware and expect emotions to be involved when we make decisions that affect employees. What if that manager had called in the employee not selected, before the other one was announced and said something like “out of courtesy, I wanted to tell you first, that we chose another candidate, but you made it a tough decision. We need you to support the one we chose and continue to develop so you can realize your goals as well.”? Would the one not chosen at least feel a little better? Thoughts?

Yes, the employee not chosen will feel a little better as result of the courtesy call from his boss and manager because he will feel his manager is somehow concerned of him. The employee will feel that his manager made a hard and emotional decision of selecting one employee out of his two best employees. He will feel that even if he was not the one selected he is still best at what he does. This will help and motivate the employee because there is still a career opportunity in the organization as result of his co-worker being promoted. The employee will feel there were no biases or disclamation when the selection was taking place hence no need for bad blood between him, his manager and the employee selected. The courtesy call will help the employee realize that there still room for growth in the organization and he will feel obliged to support the co-worker selected ( McColl-Kennedy, 2005).


McColl-Kennedy, Janet R., and Ronald D. Anderson. “Subordinate–manager gender combination and perceived

leadership style influence on emotions, self-esteem and organizational commitment.” Journal of Business Research58.2 (2005): 115-125.


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