What strategies might you use to implement the personal change needed to support organizational change?

Addressing the issue of organizational change is essential and challenging. Every organization has a special path forward, whereby the one that is excelling is proceeding well especially those with special institutional strengths to a compelling vision of the future. Putting the change into practice within structures of decision making needs an approach embedded in organization management, communication studies and in social sciences. Some of the strategies that I can employ to implement organizational change are: Using other external facilitators to make sure that the process of change overcomes the strengths of the organization. Exploring the reasons that may result from encountered resistance. Taking the time that is crucial to help employees see why the change is needed (Grol & Grimshaw, 2013). Comprehend as well as address the difficulty of the change required and finally be very transparent about the objective of the change.


Grol, R., & Grimshaw, J. (2013). From best evidence to best practice: effective implementation

of change in patients’ care. The Lancet362(9391), 1225-1230.

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