What should be done with young offenders under the age of 12.

Prompt In The Walking Dead, Ben kills Billy. After the group finds themselves unable to decide what to do with Ben, Carl kills him in secret. This isn’t too different from a new (but growing) problem as children under 12 are increasingly responsible for heinous crimes. What should be done with very young offenders who are clearly dangerous? So I was thinking about this and I thought it was pretty interesting now I’m just stuck on ideas and critical thinking for example rehabilitation through strict therapy and how it should be conducted but it needs to be in a 10 page research paper for the final draft. From what I’ve found, I’m seeing that a lot of these kids come from harsh backgrounds, things that could be compared to Ben being in a zombie infested world. Also, most of the kids don’t feel any remorse nor completely understand what they did, just like Ben. I want to talk trying to prove why they need to be rehabilitated or whatever should be done with them, and not going off track.

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