What privacy or publicity concerns might a company have about the discovery process in traditional litigation?

The litigation process is considered broad and entails terms that typically evaluate the procedure of preparing and presenting a case at trial. While in many instances litigation is utilized about a hearing, the process also incorporates gathering data in preparation for an example, negotiating and settling. Discovery is the procedure of obtaining significant data from the other party through the exchange of critical documents, testimony and related information (Bondi, 2010). The process also enables every party to learn about and evaluate facts relevant to the case with appropriate methods of acquiring this information made available. Several lawsuits do not get trial; however, almost the entire lawsuits undergo the discovery procedure since the process occurs before the case proceeds to court. Therefore, right to privacy is one of the problems in a dispute concerning social media as litigation believe posts and messages of social media pages including that of Facebook pages are considered private and thus should not be a subject of discovery.


Bondi, B. J. (2010). Facilitating Economic Recovery and Sustainable Growth Through Reform of the Securities Class-Action System: Exploring Arbitration as an Alternative to Litigation. Harv. JL & Pub. Pol’y33, 607.

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