What is Public health and what is my role as a public health professional

Public Health

Public health is described as the science and art of stopping ailments, prolonging lifespan, and encouraging physical fitness and efficiency through well-articulated society efforts for the sanitation of the surrounding. It also embraces the control of society infections, educates various people the principles of personal hygiene and the growth of the social machinery that will ensure standard maintenance of health. From carrying out scientific studies to educating the public on health conditions, individuals in the sector of public health operates to provide the status in which individuals can be healthy. These operations range from vaccinating children and adults to educating them on the associated risks of consuming too much alcohol and other health risking drugs. Public health sets safety mechanisms for safeguarding workers and comes up with school nutrition mechanisms that ensure teenagers have proper access to healthy food and reasonable living standards. It is also significant to acknowledge that public health operates to follow various ailments outbreaks, avert injuries and educate people on why some individuals are prone to experience poor health than others. The multiple phases of public health incorporate communicating out for laws that encourage smoke-free enclosed air and seatbelts, keeping people informed of strategies to live healthy and giving science-centered solutions to troubles. Some of the different fields of public health include health educators, nutritionists, scientist and researchers, first responders, social workers and public health nurses among other domains.

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What is Public health and what is my role as a public health professional
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My Roles as a Public Health Professional

Ensuring that there is enough, and safe drinking water has strategically emerged as a significant function of public health and healthcare professionals across the globe for more than a century as this is one of the critical roles that I play as a public health professional. However, the state and health personnel together with health care professionals should be engaged in managing water utilities across the many societies internationally. Consequently, the drive for a complete lead-service line replacement program is to safeguard human health and growth on the various techniques essential in keeping healthy standards. While planning and launching a program engages several professions, public health and as a health care professional, I ought to be the significant member of the group leading the effort to approve that no individual loses sight of the essential ultimate objective. When it comes to influencing, society leaders and drinking water professionals require the guidance and support from the public health and me since we both possess more expertise and experience in direct poisoning prevention, social engagement, and risk communication. As a public health professional, am capable of assisting the societies in accelerating lead service line replacement through associating with the residents in lowering the risk to vulnerable populations more so the teenagers and helping with skilled risk communications.

Moreover, as a public health professional, I am charged with the duty of acknowledging the general vision and plans for the public health in a given local area or even in a defined area of public health including the health protecting. Also, I am responsible for delivering general health objectives and reporting yearly on the feedbacks and future operations. On the other hand, other duties include assisting various clients in assessing their lifestyles and wellbeing, coming up with goals for enhancing their health and provide practical assistance and data that will be essential in changing people’s health behaviors. As part of public health knowledge and intelligence, it is typically my duty to avail data that is significant in both evaluating issues that carry adverse effect on individual’s health, and for articulating to handle the problems.  

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