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Hello my names Michael and My girlfriend Kate and I have lived next door to our rival neighbors for about a year and a half now. Never known why they don’t like us but it has gone back all the way to high school. Now meet our neighbors. First there Steve, he was a jock in high school, becoming a 2 time all American and being the jerk that always got the girl. Now as for me, I was just a normal kid who fit in with just about everyone, never really liked sports, I was a musician, I played guitar in a rock band named hot stovetop, and we were terrible.

Anyways meet Steve’s girlfriend, or as I like to call her “his trophy wife” Beth. They both were the popular kids in school who didn’t talk to anyone who wasn’t muscular or didn’t have they’re face and body covered in plastic. That’s our neighbors.

(As you can see were the nice ones). We both win free camping trips to camp woodlands a “paradise in the woods”.In these personal narrative essay we know that Steve hasn’t changed one bit and is most likely planning something big to scare us. Like a trap of some sort. We get to this camp and at first it was fun, like quality time with the Kate. But then Kate and I, sitting outside our tent find a bag with rope, a big net, 2 Bigfoot costumes, duct tape, and a paper with steps on how to tie us up to a tree.

We figured in personal narrative essay that  they wanted to tie us up and leave us there till however long. So we decided to use it against them. Kate and I put on the Bigfoot outfits and scared them instead of the other way around. And when they tried to run away they got caught in the capture net. As they dangle from a tree 7 feet in the air in a net Kate and I just look and laugh. And I think that day Steve and Beth gained a new found respect for us.


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