What Citizenship Means to Me Essay

“You are a citizen, and citizenship carries responsibilities”, a simple yet striking statement from Paul Coltier. Citizenship depicts the rights of a person to belong in a certain country, thus this call for a responsible living. But as young citizens in this country, how far do we know the meaning of the said term? As one of the youths of 21st century, I am entitled to assert my citizenship and considered as a lawful Filipino. In addition, the said term is said to be the basis of my identity and distinguished me from all other people in the different parts of the world.

This title also gives me the privileged to embrace my benefits in any form of services in the government. Citizenship for me is an integral requirement for every person in the state. It is like a passport within the country, wherein for us to be able to embrace our rights we must be first considered as legitimate citizens of this country.

Maybe not all of the youngsters know about this, but based on my readings, Citizenship gives us the rights to question the way people in the government run the country. This also encompasses our rights to speak and to express opinion in any forms. Hence, these rights should not be abused and should be taken responsibly. There’s a call for a conscientious living for every citizens in this country in order to use the benefits wisely and productively. Consequently, citizenship embarks in everyone’s heart. Many people knew this word, yet only a few knew the existent meaning of this. As we come to know the meaning of this I hope it will not only reflect in our cognitive domain but also in our psychomotor abilities. Words without actions are useless! Be a responsible citizen!

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