What are the causes of the ‘ethnic penalty’ in employment and how might they be resisted?

“What are the causes of the ‘ethnic penalty’ in employment and how might they be resisted?” The ethnic penalty describes the wage and workplace advancement gap between ethnic minority and majority groups. This essay should analyse the main issues that contribute to this “ethnic penalty” in the work force. Meaning, give just a few reasons; do not me sporadic, and list every little contributing factor. Please give a case study into a certain region, preferably the U.S. or the U.K. Of course, if bigger points need to be made, you can compare the two. After analysing the causes, you should then talk about solutions or steps that can be taken to levy the playing field or fix the situation. You can talk about whether some ethnic minority groups do better than others when it comes to wage earnings. can also look into whether the “ethnic penalty” is true for all ethnicities. Why do some ethnic groups do worse than others when it comes to hiring practices, wage earnings, and workplace advancements. Does education levels play a role in helping to dissolve the ethnic penalty for minority or do the problems still exist? Somewhere towards the beginning of the essay, try to give a brief explanation of what ethnicity is and then how that may play a role in the “ethnic penalty”. A good source to follow is Tariq Modood. Here is one of his articles: https://www.tariqmodood.com/uploads/1/2/3/9/12392325/sociology-2015-modood-0038038515575858.pdf

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