Westing Game Written By Ellen Raskin English Literature Essay

The Westing Game, written by Ellen Raskin about a death, some clues, a murderer and a dangerous game. Mr.Westing is an old man with money and a killer after him, the man was very aware of the dangers in fact he knew the killer. It is up to Mr.Westing’s nearest and dearest nieces and nephews to have justice and solve the mystery and receive two million dollars. Mr.Westing in his will leaves instructions for sixteen of his closet nieces and nephews to solve his murder and one of the sixteen is the murderer each suspect receives clues and ten thousand dollars.

Each family member has the chance to win it all or lose it all, the dangers and the games begin.

Mr.Westing an old man with a large sum of money living alone and with dangers lurking all around him. Mr.Westing was a smart man in fact he had a good paper product business but a quiet and kept to himself man.

He was always said to have been with family but until the day they found Mr.Westing house with his chimney smoke rising people never saw or heard of him. The people assumed that Mr.Westing had died but when they saw smoke questions arose. The answer came faster than expected when a girl is dared to go into the much rumored house and found Mr.Westing dead. A sum of people sixteen to be exact are called to receive the will of Mr.Westing. All in the will are said to be his closet and dearest nieces and nephews and each to receive ten thousand dollars and some clues each different to solve and participate in the Westing game. The Westing game is simple to solve the murderer of Mr.Westing and receive two million dollars and the inheritance. The murderer is among the sixteen heirs and only the murderer and Mr.Westing know of this crime.

Turtle the brave girl who ran in the big and haunting house of Mr.Westing and to see him dead was by the most unexpected thing she had done. A close second was trying to solve the dangerous Westing murder and receive the two million dollars. She was cunning and a trouble maker but very smart and sure that she would solve this crime. Turtle had long hair that flowed down her back though she always kept it in a tight braid. She had an attitude about everything you could say because she was tired of always being ignored by her mom and be the shadow of her perfect and much loved sister Angela. Turtle never had a reason for being rude to everyone but she did what was natural and that was never letting someone in. Turtle didn’t have a suspect only her clues that made no sense but she was determined to receive the inheritance.

The game was simple but was warned to be dangerous but no one took this into thought until a bomb went off in a restraunt went off. Luckily only the cans exploded in the kitchen but the real problem was what would be next injuries or worse death. It happened so fast no one checked to see what exactly happened just that everyone was alive. No one figured who set up the bomb and why but then again no one asked. The only thing that mattered to the sixteen heirs was watch your back and solve the murder; in fact it made everyone even more eager.

The threat of the first minor bomb I guess didn’t put much fear until it happened again .Angela the perfect child who was an heir and the soon to be bride was opening a gift went all of sudden it happened. Get away!” Angela cried. Angela did something so unexpected she didn’t believe it she faced the bomb towards herself. Angela was not the one to be heroic but it happened so fast and it was the first thing that came to her. Now everyone took what Mr.Westing had said but it was a little late. Angela was hurt but not dead which was a big relief to just her but everyone else. She had a bad gash on her face and burned hands but happy to be alive it did not matter to her. The only thing she knew was for sure was she was out of The Westing game.

The game had a lot of unexpected dangers and a long journey. The whole game had changed a lot and the sixteen heirs learned how they were all related and connected. It took a lot of work and thought but finally the murder was solved. There was no murder in fact Mr.Westing was one of the heirs. The dead body found in the house was actually a wax man. The doorman was Mr.Westing the man that had brought them all together and no one ever thought at any time to being Mr.Westing. The whole game fooled and tricked the heirs except the smart and cunning turtle. Turtle figured out the not so murder case. Sadly Mr.Westing or the doorman who had taken many disguises died of lemon juice due to his heart problems. Turtle did not receive the two million dollars due to there not being a murde4r case in the first place but had earned five million dollars in smart way of buying stocks. Turtle becomes a great scholar and by eighteen is in second year of college and is happily married to Theo a kind man.

The troubled case of the death of Mr.Westing is up to sixteen heirs to solve and receive all the inheritance. The only thing the sixteen have to solve this crime is clues and ten thousand dollars. The object is easy to solve this crime but dangers all around equals to a difficult mystery. The intriguing case is full of surprises which includes the discovery about Mr.Westing. Not everyone is who they seems to be is the answer to everything. Turtle a cunning girl, who is one of the heirs solves this case full of disguise and games. The death of Mr.Westing is not a murder actually. The whole time Mr.Westing was with them in fact he was of the heirs. Mr.Westing or should I say the doorman has many disguises and one of them happened to be the doorman who was with them sense the beginning. The- not- so murder was both intriguing as well as quite satisfying.

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