Week 4 Four Wheeler Assignment | Homework Help Websites

There has been a murder in which it is clear that a person riding a mountain bike on the side of a dirt country road was intentionally struck down by a suspect. The suspect then stepped out of his or her vehicle and shot the biker.

A witness riding an ATV heard the shot and came on the scene just in time to see the suspect kick the victim hard a couple of times, presumably to determine if he or she was dead.

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Week 4 Four Wheeler Assignment | Homework Help Websites
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Week 4 Four Wheeler Assignment | Homework Help Websites 1

You have executed a warrant for the shoes of the driver/shooter and obtained the shoes worn by the suspect for examination.

  • Select a pair of shoes from your personal wardrobe, or borrow a pair from someone else. It is important that you select shoes that are at least 6 months old and are worn often (new shoes will not have much evidence on them. Using a household magnifying glass and a strong white light source—either a desk lamp or flashlight—closely examine the pair of shoes you selected.
  • Identify 3 or 4 items from the soles of the shoes, and explain in a 3–5-page paper how you conducted your examination, the type of items you found, their possible significance to the crime scene, and how you would recover and package the evidence you found.

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