Website Critique Essay

The website that is reviewed in this critique is e-Medical website located at www. e-emedical. com. au.

Figure 1 Front Page of the E-Medical Website

On the e-Medical website, it is stated that the website was created by a group of medical General Practitioners (GP) based Melbourne, Australia, with a purpose of improving access to information for their patients. E-Medical websites claims to bring the best medical advices from the practicing doctors to its users.

These include advice on treatment, providing knowledge about diagnosed conditions or chronic conditions as well as improving life styles.

The website does not seem to be heavily commercial as the text of the website and the advertisements are kept separate. The website does not identify the names or the credentials of the medical advisors exclusively on any page from which they can be verified. These medical practitioners are available for advice in the chat rooms of the website.

The website itself is owned by registered Pharmacists Dino Sapuppo and Frank Di Salvo; however, no other information on them is available on the website.

The material on the website is original which means it has not been copied from anywhere, however, much of the news or other information lack any reference to their original source. E-Medical website also considers patient privacy as important; hence they state that all information gathered by e-Medical advisors will not be passed onto any third party.

The website also seems to lack regular updating as the last news posted in news section is dated 10th of February 2010. The site also does not list the last update date; however, the website has received its update in the last 6 months (E-Medical Website 2010). The e-Medical website is easy to download, taking less than 5 seconds to load fully. The navigation of the website is also easy as all the major sections are listed as links on the left hand side main menu. Each page on the website also has a section heading which informs the user of its location within the website structure.

The interface of the website is simple to use with much of the work done using text and simple graphics used whenever necessary. The website uses pink and blue color for graphics and text while the background is left white. This color scheme is easy on the eyes. The website also has a good layout with menus on the left hand side, a main bar on the top and advertisement on the right hand side, while copy right message is delivered on the footer (E-Medical Website 2010). Comments on the website does not seem very credible.

This can be said not only on the basis of the content of the website but also on the basis of its appearance. The information contained in the website is outdated by at least 3 months, which is a significant time period. Furthermore, the website fails to provide the credentials of its team of medical advisors, which creates credibility doubt in the mind of the user of the website. Furthermore any advice or review given on the website cannot be considered authentic until the authenticity of its producers (the qualification of doctors or content reviewers) can become known.

Furthermore, though the website seems to have a good appearance, it seems very basic and boring, and looks like it has been built with a low budget. The website also lacks any third part advertisement which also shows that it lacks in popularity and is not the preferred choice of advertisers (Net Mechanic 2010).

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