WAYS TO PREVENTCHILDHOOD OBESITY INTRODUCTIONChildhood obesity has placed a major health issue Essay

WAYS TO PREVENTCHILDHOOD OBESITY INTRODUCTIONChildhood obesity has placed a major health issue of entire generation to risk. Childhood obesity is the accumulation of access body fat that causes unfavorable effects to the child’s health and well-being. Childhood obesity causes increase in mortality rate in adulthood. This essay seeks to agree that childhood obesity needs to be seriously considered to be prepared of the approaching risk to future generation. Some of the ways that can overcome childhood obesity are by Physical activities, Home environment and Eating habits.

Whereas schools have an important role to play in overcoming the childhood obesity risk by giving a secured and safe environment and practicing healthy behaviors. At home, children’s can overcome for becoming overweight by the help of parents. Changing the way of eating lifestyle and exercising with family, which will not protect only the child from obesity but also the family will benefit, having a healthy lifestyle. CONTENTPhysical activity has played a major role in securing the risk of childhood obesity.

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WAYS TO PREVENTCHILDHOOD OBESITY INTRODUCTIONChildhood obesity has placed a major health issue Essay
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Children’s those are unable to engage in physical obesity are most likely to have a high chance of childhood obesity. Keeping body active helps to lose weight. However, inactive lifestyle is the opposite of active lifestyle. Regular engaging in physical activities may improve the health and quality of life. Physical activities reduces the risk of mortality rate, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke and depression for adults. For children’s physical activity improves the health of bones, muscle fitness, reduce fat accumulation, and improve concentration ability in schools. People those are inactive, can do physical activity for a while, which could be very beneficial for their health. Researchers believe physical activities controls obesity in many ways through the energy needed by a person to do physical activity such as breathing, blood circulation and physical movement which makes the energy balanced in the body. Obesity decreases by physical activity which decreases fat the waist and body. Pushups, muscle strengthening activities and other activities practiced by the children’s in schools and homes increases the burning of fats which controls the weight. Activities such as jogging, walking and engaging in different types of sports are some activities that can be done to prevent obesity when away from home and school.Home environment factors contributes to loss of obesity is by support from parents in form of encouragement, behavior, and resources available. As parents are the first people to influence on child’s behavior. Due to lack of motivation, parental involvement and support service is the way of increase in childhood obesity. Parents are the first line of defense in protecting children’s from obesity. Although parents sometimes cannot control children’s but can teach children’s feeding practices and importance of physical activities. Some of the ways parents can do to reduce childhood obesity are by providing children’s with access to food and beverages dense in nutrients, and high fiber meals and snacks time, Decrease the access of children’s to high calorie, low nutrient drinks and food at home and away, Children’s are to be encouraged to have breakfast, Usually find ways to boost children’s fun and easily achievable regular exercise, Minimize the use of television and computer games time for children’s, and Healthy eating and children’s practices of physical activities . Parents play an important role in creating and maintaining motivation through the existence of an environment that promotes healthier eating behaviors. Having a suitable environment at home will help the children’s to control the way of life style to be protected from childhood obesity.Eating habits is one of the way of having positive lifestyle behaviors which help to avoid obesity and also the result reduces the negative effects on health. Children’s maintain a healthy weight starting with a concentration on trying to balance calories consumed from food and drink with calories used during regular exercise and growth. This means consuming less food as well as less drinks and making nutritious food choices. To achieve this, replace the unhealthy foods such as fast foods, processed food and unhealthy drinks to healthier choices. Some of the healthy foods recommended are consuming wide variety of nutritious foods having a balanced diet, drinking water most of the time, consume foods with low salt, limit consumption of saturated fats and intake of moderate total fats, and only consume small quantity of sugar and snacks and drinks that contains added sugar. Limiting sugar sweetened beverages also in particular. These are foods such as fruits, low fat milk, yoghurt, vegetables especially potatoes and corns. These are some of the foods containing large amount of vitamins and low amount of fats. Consuming such type of foods will help in healthy eating plan and prevent from obesity. Foods which contains added sugar, salt and fats are also a source of carbohydrate, but needs to be consumed in a limited amount because if take in large amount can lead to obesity. While going to restaurants, fast food, and caf© be careful in choices because the information of the amount of fat, sugar, and salt will be provide, but is not enough. This could be costly such as fried chicken, burgers which could be consumed very quickly. CONCLUSIONTo sum up this essay, one can say that obesity is the health risk that must be considered very seriously. Obesity is a major concern to the parents now days because if obesity is not cured in childhood stage, it may be lethal at the adult stage. The prevention of obesity will depend on the individuals change in lifestyle. Physical activities, Home environment effects, and Eating habits are some of the ways to prevent childhood obesity. These will be more effective if the child gets the parents support and motivation to prevent childhood obesity. Also in schools children’s should participate in the extra activities such as sports, which will also help the children to maintain a healthier and active life style. Home environment is the first line of defense because, it is the place where knowledge of having a healthy life style is given.

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