Ways To Overcome Your Weaknesses English Language Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to clearly define each of my strengths and weaknesses and figure out a way to identify my personal strengths and weaknesses. In order for me to improve myself and enhance my learning process. I also believe realizing my strengths and weaknesses will help me to become more self-conscious and a well-rounded individual.



My strength is I will do the work whatever is given to me and I finish as quickly as possible.

Time Management, Flexible, Organiser and Open minded. I am always positive attitude for every work whatever is given to me and I do that work patiently. I have ability to do the hard work and the perfect work. Any where I can make friends easily. My strength is Dedication. If I begin to do a work I would never go anywhere without completion of the work. I am hardworking, self-motivated, cooperative and can easily adopt to any environment, use to be confident even when I was broken, have good understanding power. My strengths are that I believe in myself and I am self-motivated. I am always dedicated to my work and completed confidently what types of works have given me.


My weakness is I do believe in people easily specially those who put me into troubles. I feel inferior to others when I am not able to accomplish certain things personally speaking such as to become successful in my career and or not be able to build my own ideas. I am not an easy learner and sometimes feel inferior to others. I feel uncomfortable until I finish my work,

I am over ambitious person, I am extravagant person. I have short temper. I can easily believe others, very feel not done my work. I sometimes over think on matters that delays my decision,

Sometimes I hesitate in expressing myself. I can’t unhappy more time, I don’t nervous if any person told me my weak point. I am too friendly with a person which sometime puts me in trouble and because of that I faced lots of problems in my past.

How to Overcome Weaknesses

Overcoming your weaknesses may seem impossible, but it is not. People do it every day. You have probably overcome many weaknesses and not really even noticed it. Moving past your shortcomings requires that you love yourself enough to nurture yourself. If you had a friend who needed help and assistance, physically, emotionally, or mentally, you would go to that friend in an instant. Now, you must move toward the view that you are a friend of yours, too, and you must go to yourself sometimes for nurturing. It is always a much more rewarding task to increase positive qualities than reduce negative ones. If you lose your temper easily, you can focus on increasing your inner calmness. If you are prone to criticise others, try and increase the number of good things you see in everyone you meet. Working on positive goals turns the situation around from a struggle with ‘the enemy within’ to a process of inner growth and blossoming.


The process of human improvement is not like instant coffee, or a miracle pill. There are ups, there are downs, and there are times you wonder if you are any better than when you started. Yet bear in mind that anything we did that ever brought us a feeling of joy and satisfaction, only came because we committed to it and saw it through to the end. Unlearn your weakness and use them as stepping stones to greater strengths. Start finding ways to turn your weakness into strengths. There is no weakness in people they are only the choices, because you have allowed those choices.


According to Confucius, you can lead horse to water but you cannot make it drink. In the real life situation as a student, how would you drive yourself to have passion in study?

Passion is the energy that comes from bringing more of YOU into what you do. Simply put, it’s being who you are and doing what comes naturally. When what you do is in alignment with who you are, you get energy from doing it. It’s like water flowing along its natural riverbed. It actually gains energy from the path it’s taking (compare that to what most people experience in their work, which is more like trying to force it up and over a mountain). Reading activity is a complex process. Reading involves a process of communication between readers and writers through writing resources.


Regardless of what one’s motivation gain performance, they always in common that is, have an abundance of energy, daring to face the challengers and great ambition to be created. That’s why many experts think that the success of behavior is attitude. One of the factor that course a person to continue to be vigilant performance gain is the ability to infuse his passion for performing. Here are some tips to infuse the spirit. They are two factors that make a person get motivated to learn they are:

First, the motivation to learn comes from internal factors. Motivation is formed due to self-awareness on the understanding of the importance of learning to develop itself and what it means to live your life.

Second, the motivation to learn from external factor, that could be a stimulus from another, or the surrounding environment can affect that individual psychological.

Socialize with people who are keen to learn. Ever heard of the right analogy friends with artisan blacksmith or seller of perfumes. If we get along with artisan blacksmith, then we went into smell burnt iron, and if mixing with perfume seller, we also will smell that sweet perfume. Familiarity and enthusiasm will spread to us. Socialize with people easily learn and performance, will make us even like to learn. In addition, try to find people or communities which have a good habit of studying. Ask about the experience in a variety places to those who have or are currently pursuing studies at the higher levels, the people with scholarship study abroad or those who gets the credit for a performance.

Next is, learn anything means learn here understood broadly, whether formal or non-formal. We can learn about a variety of computer skills such as rafting, learn to write, make films, studying entrepreneurship and others. Furthermore, learn from the internet. We can leverage the internet to join then group of people that can be easily learned. One of our list will provide a space to exchange ideas, thoughts, and self-motivation. For example, if you want motivated to learn English, we can get into [email protected]oups.com mailing list.

More over consort with people who are always optimistic and positive minded. In this world, there are people who always look optimistic despite problem. We will contract the spirit, passion, and senses of optimism if often socialize with people or in the community as such, and vice versa. Find motivator. Sometimes a person takes another person as a drive or a mentor in life. For example, a friend, girlfriend or spouse you too can do the same with finding a person or community that can help motivated you to learn gain performance. Learn The Understanding Not Just memorize. Yes, the main function is why we must learn to understand new things. We can memorize 100% of all subjects’ detail, but the more important thing is whether we are fully aware of all the memorized material. So before memorized, always endeavor to understand first the outline of the subject matter.

Ability We Own Train. Actually, we can train our brains own ability. At the end of each chapter lesson, usually always given to issues of training. Without waiting for instructions from the teacher, try to answer all these questions and check the extent of our ability. If the answers do not matter in the book, try to ask the teacher.


In conclusion, a joint venture between the government, private organizations, and the community is very important in an attempt to foster an interest in reading among students as future heir Malaysia. No point having a regular resolution, discuss finding a solution if not conducted in a systematic and widespread. You can lead horse to water but you cannot make it drink so as a parent they will asked you to study but they can’t force you to study. You they want have to effort to study.

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