Ways of Reducing Recidivism

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Ways of Reducing Recidivism
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I believe some methods to help reduce recidivism is by providing resources to help those released integrate back into their communities.  These programs could include substance abuse programs from those who struggle with alcohol and drug dependency, helping with housing placement, and teaching marketable skills.  Recidivism can also be reduced by working with business owners to provide jobs for those with skills who are released from jail.  Having a no defect mentality can make those who have recently been released feel like they are a burden on not only their families but the community as well.  Helping to create productive members of society who feel that their mistakes won’t always be held against them can make a huge difference. Many people released from jail have difficulty finding work to support themselves and their families.  This makes it east to fall back into old habits and increases the likelihood of committing additional crimes.

Ways of Reducing Recidivism 1




One way of reducing recidivism in the state and federal prison system is by putting more correctional educational programs in the systems for the individuals that are incarcerated. This will reduce the funds of building a semi-autonomous school district outside the prison and put inside the prison system. This will give the individual’s the chance to obtain a degree or trade. Intern, this should lower the percent of the individual’s returning to prison and giving them another chance in society. Plus, with the educational program will offer adult literacy/ basic skills, high school diplomas, and will help individuals with learning disabilities.



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