was a huge gift which allow them to express themselves creativity and Essay

was a huge gift which allow them to express themselves creativity and focuses on the main idea behind the work. The way he constructs with distinctive geometric forms in layers and makes it look quite simple.

Although this is not one of Lissitzky painting, I did find this infamous piece entertaining as well. The picture depicts they were coming from their wedding ceremony; his wife is wearing her wedding gown and he is wearing festive attire. Chagall painted himself sitting on Bella shoulders as she is carrying him which symbolized her as his support system, she allows him to see further and advance his art further.

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was a huge gift which allow them to express themselves creativity and Essay
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In this monumental composition, it shows that Bella is Marc anchor in the picture, which seems as if she is his anchor in Chagall life. When looking closely into the portrait you can see Chagall covering one of his wife eyes. Some people believe that Chagall is partially blinding his wife because she can’t see with both eyes but I believe it has a deeper connection that what is portrayed.

The common expression “the eyes are the window to the soul”, is what I believe Chagall is conveying in his painting. It seems as if Chagall is touching his wife soul by placing his hand over her eyes. The wine glass that Chagall is holding in his hands is not only the celebration of his wedding but also the celebration for the Jews the overcome of the political aspect for the Jews, passageway for Jews to gain their citizenship.

Both Cohen and Lissitzky were important and well recognized for their body of work integrating European avant-garde. The visual language is a system of communication using visual elements. Just as spoken language is based on fundamental letters, sounds and grammar, visual art is based on elements and principles that, when used together, create works that communicate ideas and meaning to the viewer.

Cohen’s exhibit and Lissitzky exhibits are similar to each other in the theme of abstract and using geometric shapes within their paintings. Both artists used vibrant colors, use topography to form illusions and illustrations in their works. They are visionaries who shaped modern graphic design, their visual language is what really stood out; Cohen contributed to the evolving visual language of post-war modernism, guarding principles of clarity and simplicity while embracing the experimental spirit she loved about the avant-garde. Lissitzky drew influence from the supremacists early in his career; his work often combined elements on a strong diagonal axis, giving his designs a new, dynamic quality. He aimed to establish a visual language using shape and color instead of letterforms. The related fields of typography and graphic design played a vital role in the advent of modernism in early twentieth-century Europe.

Elaine Lustig Cohen and El Lissitzky works are also different from one another. Cohen’s catalogues is best known for her expressive cover typography. Many of the objects in our collection demonstrate how she used type as illustration, setting it large, slicing it up, and repeating it to produce texture. Cohen’s work is more focused on catalogues covers and graphic designs; one of her primary goals was to make sure the image on the cover reflected the voice of the work inside. Whereas Lissitzky who utilized his art for social change. In fact, he made the very first abstract work with a political message. Although often highly abstract and theoretical, Lissitzky’s work was able speak to the prevailing political discourse of his native Russia, and then the nascent Soviet Union. Lissitzky’s influence in the world of graphic design cannot be overstated. He utilized a pared-down palette of primary colors, black and white, text, and basic forms – shapes both real as well as invented geometric constructions – to tell stories, including traditional Jewish tales, and to make very powerful political statements.

The exhibit I prefer would be Chagall, Malevich, Lissitzky: The Russian Avant-Garde in Vitebsk. The reason I chose this exhibit because I like the cultural aspect of how the exhibit is portrayed. I found this exhibit to be fascinating and visually captivating, the art portrait consists of a unique collaboration that forged a new path for artistic expression which extended far beyond the boundaries of Vitebsk.

The Russian Revolution energized the artists to expand their social influence to produce statements that could inspire human aspirations. The colors, scheme, patterns and geometric shapes create a story that is tied into the historic past which depicts a story of its own. The artists used their artistic strategies and incorporate it with their own personal life story and pour it onto their painting which makes it personal and heartfelt. The paintings each have their own symbolism and visual expression. I really enjoyed visiting the Jewish museum.

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